Season 1 Episode 1

In the pilot episode of this series, Caesar ends eight years of war with victory in Gaul, but a personal loss at home.
Titus Pullo in jail cell
Antony returns to Rome with Vorenus and Pullo; Pompey drafts an ultimatum.
Atia of the Julii hugs Octavia
Patrician families are forced to choose sides; Vorenus and Niobe make amends; Pullo finds a fortune.
Lucius Vorenus yells at troops
Pompey maneuvers outside the city; Atia throws a party welcoming Caesar; Vorenus also hosts a fete.
Julius Caesar in Senate robes
Vorenus reconsiders his career; Atia schemes to separate Caesar and Servilia.
Julius Caesar on white horse

Season 1 Episode 6

Antony ponders whether to remain loyal to Ceasar; Atia tries to mend fences with Servilia.
Mark Antony reads letter

Season 1 Episode 7

Caesar and Pompey find their fortunes reversed, again; Atia enlists Octavia to ask another favor of Servilia.
Lucius Vorenus Titus Pullo after escaping shipwreck

Season 1 Episode 8

Caesar arrives in Egypt with Vorenus and Pullo and forges an alliance with Cleopatra.
Julius Caesar holds up baby Caesarion

Season 1 Episode 9

Caesar returns to Rome in triumph; Vorenus braces for a showdown; Servilia attempts to unearth a secret about Caesar.
Octavia of the Julii and Gaius Octavian

Season 1 Episode 10

Caesar is proclaimed Emperor amidst pomp and fanfare, while Vorenus and Pullo plan their futures in Rome’s new order.
Julius Caesar red face at Triumph ceremony

Season 1 Episode 11

While Pullo descends into Rome’s netherworld, Vorenus reaps the rewards of his allegiance to Caesar.
Lucius Vorenus swings huge chain at gladiator

Season 1 Episode 12

Vorenus's defense of Pullo lands him in an unexpected position of power.
Cicero whispers to Marcus Junius Brutus

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