PAUSE with Sam Jay: Episodes

Series premiere. Sam goes on a journey to unpack the negative effects of tribalism in America and questions whether she owes any special loyalty to Black people or the queer community as she navigates the world.

Sam investigates the benefits and downfalls of fame as it relates to the status of Black people in America.

Sam explores personal freedom in its many forms, digging into ways to open people’s minds, hearts, and legs to discover their most liberated selves.

Determined to never be broke again, Sam looks at the morality of money in America.

Sam shares her fears about motherhood and wonders whether having a baby is a good way for her to contribute to society. Also, will this f*** up her bag?

Sam learns how to navigate bureaucracy like a rich white man instead of a broke “Black b****” and live above the political clouds without government institutions determining her health or her safety.