The Season Four premiere opens with the inmates still on lockdown and prison officials struggling to end the hostilities.
Inmates in gym

Season 4 Episode 2

The African-American inmates point the finger at McManus for letting Em City get out of hand. Coupled with his recent erratic behavior, Glynn decides to give McManus the ax.
Agustus Hill

Season 4 Episode 3

Glynn learns from Adebisi that he was given the gun by former C.O. Hughes. Morales enlists Rebadow’s help in taking Hernandez's place in the drug ring run by Adebisi and Pancamo.
Ryan and Cyril O'Reily

Season 4 Episode 4

Em City gets a new Unit Manager, Martin Querns, whose methods are hardly orthodox. Beecher's torment over his missing children is worsened by Schillinger.
Vern Schillinger

Season 4 Episode 5

As Querns implements his new course of action, the dynamics of Em City start to change. Meanwhile, Beecher wonders about the fate of his children.
Cyril with gag in mouth

Season 4 Episode 6

In an effort to reduce violence, white inmates are transferred out of Em City. Meanwhile, Mobay gets in good with Adebisi's crew...but pays a price.
Sister Reimondo
Beecher wants revenge against his children's kidnapper. Meanwhile, Adebisi goes solo in the drug business and Said plots with McManus against Querns.
Simon Adebisi

Season 4 Episode 8

Supreme Allah receives an unwanted surprise, Mobay comes clean about his criminal involvement and Said does the unthinkable.
Tobias Beecher

Season 4 Episode 9

A TV newsmagazine crew descends on Em City, and the results aren't quite ready for prime time.
Agustus Hill

Season 4 Episode 10

New inmate Burr Reading arrives, ready to take charge of the African-American drug scene. Meanwhile, the zealotry of another new prisoner (a former TV evangelist) is met with skepticism.
Italian inmates

Season 4 Episode 11

Morales looks to pit the Chinese against Redding. Alvarez offers Glynn his services as an informant as a way out of solitary.
Kareem Said

Season 4 Episode 12

O'Reily regrets having gotten Cyril involved with the trial drug when it starts taking effect.
Tobias Beecher and Chris

Season 4 Episode 13

O'Reily is in for a surprise when a visitor reveals the truth about his past.
The Muslims

Season 4 Episode 14

McManus calls a superficial truce between Redding and Morales.
McManus and Dr. Gloria

Season 4 Episode 15

Beecher tells the parents of the young girl he killed that he's up for parole.
Ryan O'Reily visitor

Season 4 Episode 16

In the Season Four finale, Hill discovers where his true allegiances lie in Oz. Redding's plot to use the Colonel against Morales has an unexpected outcome.
Agamemnon and Bob Rebadow
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