Episode 4
Luck | Season 1 | Episode 4

Episode 4

TV-MA | 51 MIN

Written by Jay Hovdey
Directed by Phillip Noyce

In a poker game at the local casino, Jerry loses hand after hand to his nemesis Leo Chan. Jerry's increasingly agitated by Chan's taunts, but the dealer, Naomi, is reluctant to call the floor supervisor. When she finally does, Chan offers to move the game to his restaurant, giving Jerry a betting advantage and bringing Naomi along as well. Jerry accepts.

Rosie is back from Portland Meadows, ready to ride the Old Man's horse Gettin'up Morning in place of the injured Ronnie Jenkins, who is on a downward spiral, self-medicating with prescription drugs topped with Cutty Sark. Escalante points out the Bug's weight gain to Rathburn, who is already well aware of the problem. Marcus and the other degenerates spend time with their new horse and fret about Jerry's absence.

Ace has a business meeting with Claire in his hotel suite to discuss her program for connecting convicts with ex-racehorses. She asks him to cover the cost of a guard and the insurance liability, and he's willing to sign on once he reviews a budget. Ace meets with Mike on his yacht, and the two former partners have a tense discussion of the proposed track/casino project. Mike tells Ace he wants in, but not before suggesting Ace might be out for revenge. Ace assures him that's not the case, and also warns Mike not to talk about his grandson. Ostensibly setting aside their mutual apprehension, they shake hands and Mike agrees to take his cut from the other partners' minority stake.

Rosie dons the Old Man's silks for the highly anticipated run by Getting'up Morning and Rosie's first ride at Santa Anita. When the gates open, Gettin'up Morning is left at the gate and gives up half-a-dozen lengths to the field. Rosie saves ground and patiently eases the colt to the outside, closing ground and finally taking a commanding lead, winning by ten widening lengths in an incredible time. At the test barn, the Old Man hears the horse cough. When he has the vet scope him, he's concerned that the horse has bled. That evening as Rosie and Leon have sex, she recounts the details of her astounding first win.

Marcus, moved by Gettin'up Morning's performance, is inspired to go save Jerry from himself. Renzo and Lonnie think that he's sick, but instead of having them drive him to the hospital, Marcus has them search for Jerry. When the trio track Jerry down in the back room of Chan's restaurant in Chinatown, they find Jerry in the grips of a gambling mind-game. News of Marcus's condition gets him out of his stupor, and Jerry bolts, making a vulgar suggestion for Chan. Back at the Oasis, the Degenerates discuss Jerry's obsession and continue bonding.

Ace takes a meeting with Nathan Israel at the Bernstein penthouse and agrees to give Israel a million dollar salary to act as go-between with Mike. That night, Ace reads a note from Claire and discusses with Gus the possibilities of what problems Mike may present for Israel.