los espookys episode 2los espookys episode 2

El espanto de la herencia (The Inheritance Scare)

Written by Julio Torres and Ana Fabrega
Directed by Fernando Frias de la Parra

A mysterious woman enlists Los Espookys to frighten five people vying to win a millionaire’s fortune by staying through the night at his “haunted” mansion. Tasked with ensuring the man’s son doesn't win the loot, Renaldo agrees to attempt a challenging stunt to crown a winner. Meanwhile, in LA, Tico finds himself in the art-world spotlight after a case of mistaken identity.

Meet Julio Torres

The co-creator and star discusses his love for creating “little worlds” and whether he’d get along with his character.

Los Espookys
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Los Espookys are tasked with scaring five would-be heirs to a millionaire’s fortune.