Looking at Your Browser History
Looking | Season 1 | Episode 3

Looking at Your Browser History

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Michael Lannan and Andrew Haigh
Directed by Andrew Haigh

Patrick and his co-worker Owen attend the Naval Destroyer video game launch party on a huge Navy ship. "I'm gonna put the whole Richie thing behind me," Patrick says amid the celebratory atmosphere, "and have fun and geek out." While talking to a large group, Patrick reveals that he prefers to play video games as a female -- and not because he's gay. A British guy butts in and inquires about why. Patrick explains: "Women are the outsiders in games, and I relate to that. Gay people get it."

Later at the party, Patrick is spying on the mysterious British guy and trying to figure out if he's gay, too. "He's got a very gay laugh," Patrick says. "He is the gayest thing I've ever seen on two legs -- I'm sure of it." After making a bet with Owen about the guy's status, Patrick finds him sitting on a torpedo playing a game by himself. Patrick joins him. "So, who do you play as?" Patrick asks him. The guy responds: "You're asking if I'm gay, aren't you? I am. I am gay." Patrick is giddy, but the guy, Kevin, reveals he has a boyfriend. Kevin also asserts that he's in charge of setting up a new team at Most Dangerous Games -- which means he could be Patrick's new boss. Patrick is mortified: "I asked out my boss while straddling a torpedo," Patrick laments afterward to Owen. "And he said no." Owen suggests Patrick apologize to Kevin.

Doris and Dom are walking to the gym, and Dom is in a good mood -- mostly because of his empowering encounter with Ethan. While working out, Dom tells Doris that he's going to start a restaurant that serves peri-peri chicken.

Frank and Agustín are settling into domestic life -- discussing placemats and cooking. Frank mentions his friend who owns a gallery space is interested in whether Agustín has any art he'd like to show. "You know that I don't," Agustín retorts, upset by Frank's nudge.

At the Most Dangerous Games office, Patrick apologies to Kevin and asks to be considered for his team. Kevin says the development window is short and, citing Patrick's web browser history of visits to OKCupid and ManHunt, questions his work ethic.

At work with Stina, Agustín calls her piece of art a "chairopocalypse." She fires him on the spot, and Agustín mopes at a cafe by himself and meets CJ, a sex worker he finds fascinating.

Dom vets his restaurant idea through Patrick before approaching his pal Taj about helping out as the chef. "I'm sorry, buddy," she says, "I just can't risk it."

Agustín is at Patrick's apartment when he comes home from work, and the pair commiserate about their woes. Patrick worries that Kevin has the wrong impression of him, while Agustín reveals that he got fired and met CJ. "He was proud of what he does," Agustín says. "If I'm being honest, it made me totally f*cking jealous." Agustín talks about how he doesn't really consider himself an artist anymore. "I can't call myself an artist because I don't do shit," he says. Patrick gets dark in his response: "You know what? I don't think either of us are very good about being who we think we are. Maybe we need to try a little harder."

Visiting the men's spa, Dom begins talking to Lynn, the owner of a Castro floral shop, while in the steam room. Lynn seems interested in Dom, who makes a move to hook up with a younger guy. On his way out, Dom shows a flicker of interest in Lynn. "We should grab lunch or something sometime." Lynn seems pleased: "You know where I am."

Patrick deletes his OKCupid account just before diving into work on a video game at home. Later, he shows up in Kevin's office to tell him that he does take his job seriously. "This is all I've ever wanted to do," Patrick says. "But I also want to have a life. I'm pretty sure I can do both and not let you down." Patrick presents a new version of Naval Destroyer with a playable female character to Kevin. "You do know I was kind of f*cking with you before?" Kevin asks. "You were always going to be on my team. But commitment looks good on you." Patrick seems relieved, as Kevin throws him a controller. "Alright," Kevin says, "let's play."