Join or Die
John Adams | Season 1 | Episode 1

Join or Die

TV-14 | 1 HR 11 MIN

Written by Kirk Ellis
Directed by Tom Hooper

Boston: In the aftermath of the Boston Massacre - a deadly street confrontation between American colonists and an occupying British brigade - John Adams, a farmer/lawyer who has moved his family into Boston to establish his legal career, takes an unpopular stand by agreeing to serve as defense attorney for the accused British soldiers. Counseled in his advocacy by his beloved wife Abigail, Adams wins the case but surprises his friend, the Attorney General, by turning down a lucrative position with the Crown. As pro-independent sentiment boils over in Massachusetts following the Coercive/Intolerable Acts, Adams is invited to join the newly created Continental Congress. After a rousing speech to his constituents, he says an emotional goodbye to his family before heading to Philadelphia - and an uncertain future.