Ray in brown shirtRay in brown shirt

Ray Drecker

Played by Thomas Jane

In 1984, Ray Drecker owned West Lakefield High: Popular star ball player, destined for great things, admired by the girls and envied by the guys. He married his cheerleading high-school sweetheart Jessica and they took off for greener pastures. But after an aborted professional career with the Atlanta Braves, Ray, Jessica and their twins returned to the Detroit suburbs for Ray to take a temporary job coaching and teaching history at their alma mater. The stop-gap turned into a career. When Jessica dumped him for her dermatologist Ronnie Haxon, Ray moved back to his parents' rundown lakeside house. A fortuitous reunion with old acquaintance Tanya Skagle lead to Ray's new side career. With a second pimp (Lenore) in the picture, budget cuts threatening his job, and the struggle to raise teenagers, Ray has his hands full.