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Season 4 Episode 9


Written by Katja Blichfeld and Isaac Oliver
Directed by Katja Blichfeld

When a snowstorm hits on Christmas eve, Pam-Anne joins her sister Destiny and a motley crew of flight attendants at their usual crash pad in Queens. Delayed on his way home to spend the holidays with his family, The Guy celebrates Hanukkah in New York. 

Season 4 Episode 8


Written by Mel Shimkovitz
Directed by Ben Sinclair

When Rocky hears a sneeze through his apartment wall, he falls down a shame spiral, reliving embarrassing moments. An attention-seeking A.J. fails to make plans for Halloween – until an emergency text from an ex-friend, Francis, evolves into an unexpected night with Francis’ assistant, Cheyenne.

Season 4 Episode 7


Written by Isaac Oliver and Zack Schamberg
Directed by Ben Sinclair

The Guy delivers to ASL interpreter Jordan, who lands in an uncomfortable situation on a job at a high-profile photoshoot. After Victor notices his partner Ellen has a new habit, a secret blows up amid already simmering tensions in their relationship.

Season 4 Episode 6


Written by Lorelei Ramirez and Ben Sinclair 
Directed by Ben Sinclair

When a patient asks her out on a date, dental hygienist, mother, and caretaker Nora wonders if she can put her needs first for once. Meanwhile, two former friends share an awkward ride, and The Guy has an interesting rideshare experience of his own. 

Season 4 Episode 5


Written by Gary Richardson and Ben Sinclair
Directed by Ben Sinclair

Shy sneakerhead Alvin spends most of his time to himself but gets a new challenge when he spends the day with his cousin. The Guy, meanwhile, attends a dinner party hosted by an old friend, Jackson, and as the night progresses, he realizes he might be out of his element.


Season 4 Episode 4


Written by Zack Schamberg and Mel Shimkovitz
Directed by Katja Blichfeld

Two sisters clean out their childhood home after the untimely death of their mother. The Guy delivers to a bickering couple renegotiating their relationship and a new mother hosts her teenage cousin from out of town.

Season 4 Episode 3

Voir Dire

Written by Katja Blichfeld and Adele Thibodeaux
Directed by Katja Blichfeld

When The Guy and his eclectic jury duty group head to a karaoke bar to mark the end of their civic service, Keesha and Roman, the youngest members of the crew, run into trouble. While exploring a side hustle with her friend Violet, Freddie encounters someone from her past.

Season 4 Episode 2


Written by Isaac Oliver
Directed by Katja Blichfeld

The Guy, with new canine friend “Fomo” in tow, delivers to Matthew, a man looking for a connection who hires a new-to-the-business escort for the night. After bonding on set with a familiar face, intimacy coordinator Kym learns a surprising fact about her new love interest that threatens to derail their romance just as it’s beginning. 

Written by Ben Sinclair
Directed by Ben Sinclair

Yara, a new reporter at This American Life pitches a story about her parents’ marriage and inadvertently strains her own relationship with Owen when he visits for their anniversary weekend. Meanwhile, a singing telegram in a bad mood looks for some relief while crisscrossing the city on a crazed workday and The Guy happens upon a lost dog.


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