The Concert
Getting On | Season 1 | Episode 6

The Concert

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
Directed by
Howard Deutch

During her rounds, Dr. James and her residents assess Mrs. Sullivan on the Glasgow Coma Scale and determine that she's close to death. She asks Dawn to call the patient's daughter, Phyllis, who left to catch a flight, and ask her to come back as soon as possible.

DiDi confronts Dr. James about paying her husband, Darnell, for redoing her driveway. Jenna promises to go to the ATM during her lunch break and loudly proclaims what a good job Darnell did in front of "witnesses."
Dawn requests DiDi's assistance hanging a banner for the afternoon's Caregivers' Concert. When DiDi calls her out for not helping, Dawn admits she's sore after she and Patsy "shared the deepest of intimacies" -- aka, ten minutes of anal sex.

Dr. Paul Stickley, Jenna's boss, informs her that the hospital board wants to schedule her job interview the following day. Jenna coolly informs him that she has "other irons in the fire" and isn't worried about making an appointment that's convenient for the board. Once pressed by Paul, she admits the other iron is an offer from Dr. Rabinowitz in Cleveland.

Dawn presents Patsy with a money clip, a watch, and a feather pin to match her own -- all in celebration of their "special night." Patsy doesn't remember having sex and insists it was just a "little cuddle." Dawn shouts that she has the "anal fissure to prove it."

Jenna finds Dawn to tell her that the Coma Scale app she used to evaluate Mrs. Sullivan gave her an inaccurate reading. Dawn is forced to call Phyllis and tell her not to come back after all.

When Jenna fails to pay her debt as promised, DiDi confronts her yet again. Jenna asks if she can get the money to her next week, but DiDi isn't budging. Her family needs the money and she's tired of feeling "like a beggar with her hand out."

Marguerite observes that Mrs. Sullivan's breathing has slowed considerably and calls in Dawn to evaluate. Unable to reach Dr. James, Dawn decides they better call Phyllis and get her back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Dr. James calls her husband and to tell him her job in Cleveland is no more because Dr. Rabinowitz was hit by a taco truck and is in a persistent vegetative state.

DiDi and Dawn prepare to bathe Cordelia, a notoriously nasty and difficult patient. Paged by Dr. James, Dawn leaves. Cordelia is struck by an urgent need to go "number two," and DiDi struggles to get her out of the tub on her own. The chair lift breaks and drops Cordelia, resulting in 14 stiches to her forehead. DiDi, Dawn, and Patsy argue over who's at fault before deciding that Jenna -- who never approved Patsy's request for new equipment -- is to blame. Holding back tears, Jenna storms off.

Unaware of Dr. Rabinowitz's condition, Dr. Stickley tells Jenna he'll give her anything she wants if she'll stay. He agrees to her demands for a research assistant and her old parking spot, and he promises to make the "interview nonsense" go away.

Jenna spots Phyllis in the ward and confronts Dawn about making a decision without her approval, insisting that Mrs. Sullivan is not dying. Exasperated with the back and forth about her mother, Phyllis is livid: "Is my mother nearly dying? Is she approximately dead?" DiDi interrupts Phyllis' tirade to inform her that her mother has passed away.

Tension in the ward remains high until the Caregivers' Concert. The group puts their differences aside to perform a lively rendition of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" for their patients.