Getting On | Season 1 | Episode 4


TV-MA | 28 MIN

Written by Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer
Directed by
Becky Martin

Nurses Dawn and DiDi discover a putrid, homeless and mute Jane Doe on a gurney in the ward. As Dawn and DiDi unwrap the woman's many layers of fetid clothing, they discover a ‘Las Vegas Sun' newspaper stuffed in her underwear. Dawn believes she's another psych patient who wandered in on her own, after being dumped by "those Nevada douchebags."

Dr. James returns from her Cleveland Gerontology conference, thrilled that her fecal study presentation has set a "new gold standard for stool charts." After hearing buzz at the conference about geriatric fitness, Jenna orders a meeting with the physical therapy department to launch an aerobic program. She notes that "Make Someone Happy" is still going strong, and openly disparages the hideous fountain and piano player that have been installed in her absence.

Patsy approaches Dawn about Dr. James' new exercise program, fretting that it hasn't been cleared through the proper channels. He accuses her of siding with Jenna, and after he leaves, Dawn tells DiDi that her relationship with Patsy is "so over." He never called her after their Friday night date, which included a "long, involved sex scene," where she tore her meniscus climbing out of the back of his car.

Later, Dawn discovers that she won the raffle sponsored by Dr. James' husband. Included in the basket of treats is an all-expenses paid trip to a casino in Pechanga. However, Dawn's delight is short-lived: Dr. James spots the raffle basket in her possession and reminds Dawn that she never paid for the tickets. Though Dawn is prepared to give her the money, Dr. James tells her she was technically the ticket-holder at the time of the drawing, so the basket is hers.

Phyllis, Mrs. Sullivan's daughter, approaches Dr. James to discuss new pain medication for her mother, after intensive internet research. Dr. James attempts to brush her off and reveals that Mrs. Sullivan has not been receiving chemotherapy. Phyllis learns her mother only has a week or two to live.

Didi meets with her union rep, Paula, to discuss the 18-hour professional refresher course she was sentenced to complete following the "fat fairy incident." She lets it slip that Patsy is having sex with Dawn: "So technically he's not gay," she insists.

Jenna meets with Dr. Stickley, who prefers the "Make Someone Happy"campaign to her geriatric exercise program. Making matters worse, Jenna is not performing well on the patient and staff surveys -- and they need her to reapply for her job, which she claims she didn't want in the first place. Following their meeting, Jenna calls a doctor she met with in Cleveland to follow up on a position he offered.

While watching a security tape, Dawn learns their Nevada Jane Doe was dumped by the hospital's emergency room. She confronts the doctor in residence, calling him "a lousy dumper" and a "jerk," and threatens to have him brought up on charges if he does it again. He dismisses her threats, saying she's "just a nobody in extended care." Dr. James overhears their exchange, and hoping to make good, cows the young doctor by telling him, "I expect you to treat my nurses with respect."