Chernobyl Miniseries HBO Part 3Chernobyl Miniseries HBO Part 3

Open Wide, O Earth

Written by Craig Mazin
Directed by Johan Renck

April 30, 1986. After bribing her way into Hospital Number 6 in Moscow, Lyudmilla flouts a nurse's warnings about limiting her contact with Vasily. With the reactor fire finally contained, Legasov warns Shcherbina that a plant meltdown could contaminate drinking water for 50 million people. Determined to uncover the cause of the explosion, Khomyuk goes to the hospital to interview the men who were on the scene, drawing unwanted attention from the KGB. As miners dig a tunnel under the reactor to stave off a meltdown, Legasov lays out a decontamination plan for surrounding areas that will require drafting hundreds of thousands of men.

Elements of Chernobyl

Executive producer and writer Craig Mazin, director Johan Renck and production designer Luke Hull discuss why miners in the Soviet Union harnessed so much power — and the sacrifices they made to quell the spread of the disaster.

Chernobyl Miniseries HBO
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In “The Happiness of All Mankind,” Legasov and Shcherbina consider using lunar rovers to remove radioactive debris, while Khomyuk faces government hurdles in determining the truth about the cause of the explosion.