Nicolette Grant annoyed expression hair upNicolette Grant annoyed expression hair up

Nicolette Grant

Played by Chloë Sevigny

Bill's second wife, Nicki, is the daughter of Juniper Creek compound leader Roman Grant and Adaleen Grant, one of his many wives. When she hit her early 20s, Nicki moved to suburban Salt Lake City to help Bill and Barb Hendrickson with child care and soon became Bill's second wife. Entrenching herself further into the family, Nicki bore two of Bill's children, Wayne and Raymond.

Book-ended by Margene’s youthful naiveté and Barb’s mainstream aspirations, Nicki frets over the family’s moral course and does her best to correct it, whether that means tough-love confrontation or not-so-subtle manipulation. Of the three, Nicki stands in strongest support of the Principle, but she also struggles the most with her personal demons, including assimilating into non-compound life.