Barbara Henrickson smilesBarbara Henrickson smiles

Barbara Dutton Henrickson

Played by Jeanne Tripplehorn

Born into a traditional Mormon family, Barb met Bill soon after she started college at the University of Utah. It wasn't long before the two were married, and Barb headed into adulthood armed with a teaching degree and hope for a baby.

She ended up having three with Bill — Sarah, Ben, and Teenie — and for nearly a decade they shared a fairly conventional family life together. But when Barb was battling breast cancer she needed help caring for the kids. Bill turned to the compound where he was raised, and Nicki Grant was sent to live with the family. Over time the nature of Nicki and Bill's relationship changed, and Bill and Barb agreed to invite Nicki to be Bill's second wife. The pattern was repeated when they added the new babysitter Margene as their third wife.