What to Know About Westworld’s “Phase Space”

By Marissa Blanchard


Bernard and Elise investigate the Cradle, Maeve’s long-awaited homecoming takes an unexpected turn and Dolores moves forward with her rescue mission. Here’s what you need to know about Season 2 Episode 6, “Phase Space” to prep you for the next installment: Episode 7, “Les Ecorches.” For an extended recap, check out our full episode guide.

  1. 1

    Maeve makes it to the homestead.

    All season, Maeve has gones great lengths to reunite with her daughter. When she finally reaches the homestead, Maeve decides to leave her traveling companions behind and approach the girl on her own. But, to Maeve’s shock, her daughter does not recognize her and calls out to a new mother. Like in her horrifying memories, a group of Ghost Nation warriors ride toward their home. Unlike those dreams, there’s a new element: Akecheta tells Maeve, “Come with us. We are meant for the same path.”

  1. 2

    Dolores travels full speed ahead to the Mesa.

    Dolores and Angela interrogate two captive Delos techs to discover where Charlotte Hale took Peter Abernathy. Teddy, now donning his cold-blooded characteristics from Dolores’ forced adjustments, shoots one tech. Dolores is stunned, but impressed, and they board the train towards the Mesa. In the control room, Hale’s security gets the map back online: they see the train driving straight into the Mesa.

  1. 3

    Bernard has an unanticipated reunion.

    Bernard and Elsie reach the Mesa to investigate why Delos has not been able to override Dr. Robert Ford’s narrative. Elsie logs into the system and discovers the Cradle — which holds all the hosts backups — is blocking each of QA’s attempts to take control. As they investigate, Bernard realizes he must painfully plug himself into the system. Once inside, Bernard awakes in Sweetwater. While Bernard’s in the simulation, Elsie can hear the train crashing into the Mesa.

    Bernard arrives at the Mariposa, and finds Dr. Robert Ford sitting at the piano.

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