Cord Hosenbeck

Played by Will Ferrell

Health and fitness expert Cord Hosenbeck is a frequent television and radio host, dedicated to physical and mental wellness. He has authored over thirty books on subjects as diverse as diet and dressing for success. A longtime member of the American Kennel Club, he is a world renowned registered breeder of basset hounds.

Cord Hosenbeck parlayed his past as football player in the USFL and his MBA to launch a successful career as a personal trainer. His first book, The Rice Cake Revolution was an immediate best seller. More books followed: The Total Yogurt Recipe Guide, The Citrus Method, Isometric Eating!, Cord Hosenbeck Workout Week! All best sellers.

As a licensed and top breeder of champion Basset Hounds, Cord Hosenbeck is a staunch defender of AKA recognized breeding practices. He has spoken out against illegal “puppy mills” and sub par breeding standards. His many books on Basset Hounds, including his children’s book, Baily the Best Basset in Boston are beloved by aficionados of the breed. He is currently the national spokesperson for Lora-mix Steak-ems Champion Dog Food.