In the Season Two premiere, Oz is locked down in the aftermath of the riot that killed six inmates and two officers.
Rock at mic
Ten months after the riot, Em City is reopened. A recovered McManus creates a council of group representatives to keep order, and initiates classes to help inmates get high-school equivalency diplomas.
Doctors biopsy Ryan O'Reily
Alvarez knows who raped Glynn's daughter, but refuses to tell the warden. Wangler is making progress at school, but his cellmate, Abedisi, isn't a fan of higher education.
MIguel Alvarez
Augustus Hill's court appeal is denied, despite the efforts of Said, who has better luck getting Poet’s poems published. Meanwhile, O’Reily survives his lumpectomy, and now focuses his attention on Dr. Nathan.
Beecher and Chris Keller
With their enmity at a boiling point, Adebisi poisons Schibetta—but not fatally. Now that his brother has turned himself in for murder, Glynn no longer owes Schibetta any favors.
Poet in cap and gown
Schillinger tries to enlist Said to get him out of jail. A recovered Schibetta is brutalized by Adebisi.
Kareem Said
Cyril O'Reily, Ryan's brother, is imprisoned and falls under Schillinger's control.
Cyril O'Reily with Vern
In the Season Two finale, Wittlesey is transferred to general population and replaced by Karl Metzger, a Nazi.
Tobias Beecher broken limbs on mat

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