Starring Kevin Spacey, Bob Balaban, Ed Begley, Jr., Laura Dern, John Hurt, Denis Leary, Bruce McGill, and Tom Wilkinson, Recount brings viewers behind the scenes at the controversial Florida recount. This illuminating, hugely entertaining film pulls back the veil on the headlines to explore the human drama surrounding the most controversial presidential election in U.S. history.

Mixing news footage and verbatim dialogue into fictionalized re-creations, Recount examines the torturous process that culminated in the Supreme Court decision in Bush vs. Gore. The Republicans, led by charismatic Texan James Baker, seize the initiative as the case is tried in the judicial system and the court of public opinion. The Democrats play catch-up until Ron Klain, Gore's former chief of staff, takes over and starts matching Baker's political hardball with tough moves of his own. Mutual respect forms between the two as the fate of the presidency plays out among a colorful cast ranging from the impressive (appellate lawyer David Boies) to the maligned (Florida's Secretary of State Katherine Harris).

Recount recreates many of the movers and shakers in the Florida fight. Among the Democrats are Ron Klain (Spacey), soldiering on despite being demoted as Gore's Chief of Staff; Michael Whouley (Leary), Gore's Chief Field Operative; Warren Christopher (Hurt), the onetime Secretary of State whose passivity eventually yields to Klain's more forceful tactics; and David Boies (Begley), an appellate lawyer recruited to articulate the Democrats' message. Republicans include James Baker (Wilkinson), another former Secretary of State with a will to win to match Klain's; Ben Ginsberg (Balaban), the campaign's Lead Counsel; Katherine Harris (Dern), Florida's Secretary of State, remembered as much for her makeup as for her role in determining the winner; and Mac Stipanovich (McGill), a lobbyist with the moniker "Mac the Knife."

is directed by Jay Roach (Meet the Fockers, Austin Powers films), and written by Danny Strong (best-known as an actor in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Gilmore Girls). It was executive produced by Roach, Emmy® winner Paula Weinstein (HBO's Truman), HBO Films exec Len Amato (Blood Diamond), and Oscar® winner Sydney Pollack (Out of Africa). The producer is Michael Hausman (Brokeback Mountain).

HBO Films presents A Spring Creek/Mirage Production In association with Trigger Street Productions and Everyman Pictures A Jay Roach Film Kevin Spacey Recount Bob Balaban Ed Begley, Jr. Laura Dern John Hurt Denis Leary Bruce McGill and Tom Wilkinson Casting by David Rubin, CSA and Richard Hicks, CSA Music Supervisor Evyen J Klean Music by Dave Grusin Editor Alan Baumgarten, A.C.E. Production Designer Patti Podesta Director of Photography Jim Denault Produced by Michael Hausman Executive Producers Paula Weinstein, Len Amato Executive Producers Sydney Pollack, Jay Roach Written by Danny Strong Directed by Jay Roach