Michael Whouley black blazer dark green shirtMichael Whouley black blazer dark green shirt

Michael Whouley

In the Film
Chief Political Strategist at the Democratic National Committee

Notorious for his secretive nature - especially concerning the media - Whouley made a splash as the National Field Director for President Clinton's 1992 campaign. During the re-election campaign of 1996, Whouley worked as National Campaign Manager for Vice President Gore. Following that victory, he was appointed Director of the Office of Priority Placement in the White House Office of Personnel. In 2000, he served first as an advisor to the Gore campaign before taking over as chief political strategist at the DNC. His impact on the Iowa Caucuses and New Hampshire Primary earned him the nickname "The Brain."

After the Recount
Since 2000, Whouley has remained a valuable Democratic operative, replicating the same impressive primary and caucus results for John Kerry and Hillary Clinton that he managed for Gore. After Whouley turned Kerry's campaign around in Iowa, the senator referred to him as "the magical Michael Whouley." In 2006, the Democratic National Campaign Committee hired Whouley, whose "Get Out The Vote" activities helped that party regain control of Congress. During the political "off-season" Whouley's lobbying firm, Dewey Square Group, leverages his rolodex on behalf of clients like Coca-Cola Enterprises, Arthur Andersen and Microsoft.