Part 5
Mildred Pierce | Season 1 | Episode 5

Part 5

TV-MA | 1 HR 21 MIN

Teleplay by Todd Haynes & Jon Raymond
Directed by Todd Haynes


When her initial attempts to reconcile with Veda fail, Mildred turns a chance encounter with Monty into a marriage proposal. Overextending herself financially, Mildred purchases Monty's family estate in Pasadena and they begin an expensive renovation. Veda's career as a coloratura soprano thrives, but Mildred is rebuffed by Carlo Treviso when she attempts to pay for Veda's training. Veda finally responds to Mildred's attempts to reunite, showing up at a grand celebration for Mildred and Monty at the mansion. Mildred is forced to deal with the financial crisis she has created by borrowing too heavily from her business when Wally threatens legal action on behalf of her creditors. Urged by Bert to ask Veda for a loan, Mildred returns home to find her daughter in bed with Monty and nearly chokes Veda to death in her rage. With mother and daughter estranged again, Mildred reunites with Bert. Veda shows up at a modest celebration at the Pierce Glendale home to bid farewell to her parents as she heads off to start her new life in New York...with Monty.