Mike Hunt

Mike Hunt

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Assistant Coach Mike Hunt is generally content to be Ray's right-hand man. A closet piano player and romantic, he is more anxious about losing his tenured position than Ray seems to be.

Gregg Henry

Prolific and versatile character actor Gregg Lee Henry studied acting at the University of Washington in Seattle.  Shortly after graduating from college he moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Gregg played in a band for three or four months and worked as an apprentice at the Old Globe theater in San Diego prior to getting his first television acting gig as a series regular playing Nick Nolte's son Wesley Jordache in "Rich Man, Poor Man - Book II."

Henry's most memorable movie roles include the splendidly smarmy Val Resnick; Mel Gibson's duplicitous partner in "Payback," a hilarious scene-stealing turn as pompous good ol' boy mayor Jack MacReady in "Slither," nice guy drifter Paul Ramsey in "Mean Dog Blues," swaggering blowhard Warren in "Just Before Dawn" and rugged ex-Navy Seal Matt Ryder in "The Patriot."  He also played the heroic Gallatin in "Star Trek: Insurrection," and the evil Robert Gant in "Ballistic:  Ecks vs. Sever."  Gregg has acted in several films for director Brian De Palma; he's especially impressive as Sam Bouchard in "Body Double", also for DePalma: "Scarface," "Raising Cain," "Femme Fatale" and "Black Dahlia."  A few others include: Paul Greengrass' "United 93," "The Big Brass Ring," "Sin, "Purgatory Flats," and the upcoming "Super," for James Gunn.

Gregg is currently a series regular on HBO's "Hung" and was recently a series regular on "The Riches" for FX.  He has had memorable recurring roles on the TV shows: "The Gilmore Girls," "24," "EZ Streets," "Family Law," "Reasonable Doubts," and "Eyes." Recent guest star roles include: "Glee," "Grey's Anatomy," "The Mentalist," "Castle," "Numb3rs," "ER," "CSI," "CSI Miami,"  "Dark Blue," "The Beast," and "Firefly."

Gregg has appeared in many made-for-TV pictures, a couple of favorites are "Hot Rod," "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Cheerleader Murdering Mom,"  as well as his supremely chilling and convincing portrayal of the infamous Dennis Rader in "The Hunt for the BTK Killer."

Outside of his film and television work, he's won thirteen Drama Logue Awards, an L.A. Weekly Award, and the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Award for his stage work. Among his many stage credits, the most recent include: "Little Egypt-A Musical," (he also wrote music and lyrics), "Dealing With Clair," "The Water Children," and "Mad Forrest," for the Matrix Theatre Company, "The Education of Randy Newman," at South Coast Repertory, "The Joy of Going Somewhere Definite," at the Mark Taper Forum, and "Bobby Boland," at the Arclight Theater in New York City.

Also a singer/songwriter, Gregg's songs have appeared on the soundtracks to the films "The Last of Philip Banter" and "Purgatory Flats," and "The Riches."  Dwight Yoakam recorded  Gregg's "The Back of Your Hand" and released it as a single.  It went to #1 on CMT, and the video was in the top 20 for 15 weeks.  It was also included in CMT''s MOST WANTED collection for 2003, and recently "Dwight Yoakam's Greatest Hits."

Gregg Henry lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Lisa James; she's a noted director for the American Theater who Gregg has collaborated with on various stage productions as an actor, composer, and producer.

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