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Dirección Nacional de Salud Mental y Adicciones

Consultants trained in giving orientation about different mental health issues, including addiction to alcohol.

Telephone Salud Responde: 0800 222 1002 #6



SEDRONAR is the governmental organism, which coordinates national policies regarding addictions (drugs & alcohol), working both in the prevention and treatment areas. It also gives direct support to citizens through a telephone line (141), chat or email.

Telephone: 141



Youth Support
Suicide Prevention
Substance Abuse


Mapa do Acolhimento

Platform that connects women who have suffered or suffered gender violence throughout Brazil, offering a psychological process and voluntary advocates for those who cannot afford for care. In addition, the platform provides the mapping of services to women throughout the country.

Centro de Valorização da Vida

A nonprofit association which provides free voluntary service of emotional support and suicide prevention for all those who want and need to talk, under complete confidentiality and anonymity.

Alcoólicos Anônimos do Brasil

A nonprofit organization and voluntary community of men and women who meet to achieve and maintain sobriety through total abstinence from drinking alcohol.


Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling Addictions

Fracarita Bulgaria Association:

Sexual Assault and Self Harm


Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7, national service offering professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led, text-based support to young people in both English and French.


AA Colombia

A nonprofit organization and voluntary community of men and women who meet to achieve and maintain sobriety through total abstinence from drinking alcohol.

01 8000 510 522

Montserrat Clinic

Nonprofit private corporation, dedicated to the study, scientific research, treatment, prevention, teaching, promotion and promotion of mental health.

(57 1)2596000


Rozi Megafon

Free legal advice that works on legal guidance for hate crime, violence and discrimation of LGBT community.

+385 (0)91 7846 278

Plavi Telefon (Blue Phone)

A help line for adults and children unable or unwilling to seek help in traditional counseling centers. They are an alternative to self-destructive lifestyle, unhappy families, and life in the streets.

+385 1 4833 888

Psihološki centar Tesa (The Psychological Center Tesa)

An operating psychological counseling and psycho education for 26 years. As part of various projects, the education and counseling of groups of young people, parents, but also the education of students and professionals in psychological counseling.

01 48 28 888

Bolime - Podrška Mentalnom Zdravlju Mladih (It Hurts - Support for the Mental Health of Young People)

An independent art initiative, their primary goal is to strengthen the area of ​​prevention that is largely neglected in Croatia.

Služba za Mentalno Zdravlje i Prevenciju Ovisnosti (Institute for Mental Health and Addiction Prevention)

A public institution. Mental health protection includes measures and activities in several key areas of action: promotion of mental health, prevention, early recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of behavioral disorders and mental disorders.

+385 1 38 30 088

Czech Republic

Detske Krizove Centrum (DKC) – Child Crisis Center

Founded in 1992, specializing on child torture, abuse and neglect (CAN syndrome). The professional team is made up of psychologists, therapist, social workers and lawyers who work closely with other specialists.

Linka Bezpeci

A 24-hour hotline for children and their parents dealing with issues of tortured, abused and neglected children.

Jsme Fer

Campaigning to increase public support for the marriage equality of LGBTI people.


Sex and Society

Helpline: 10-15 years: 0045 70 20 22 81 // 15-25 years: 0045 70 20 22 66

Mental Health: Psykiatrifonden

Helpline: 39 25 25 25

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

Helpline: 80 200 500


Mental Health

Mielenterveyden keskusliitto:

Helpline: 0203 91920

Sexuality Help

Seta ry:

Support and info services:


FNSF - National Solidarity Federation Women

Solidarity Women brings together 65 associations, sharing the socio-political analysis of violence against women, inspired by feminist thinking:

CLFC - Feminist Collective Against Rape


Freephone number, free in France, DOM and TOM, from a landline Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 19 pm (Paris time).

SOS Amitié

Listening service designed to welcome the word of those who, at a certain moment in their lives, are going through a difficult period.

Permanence of listening by chat every evening from 7 pm to 11 pm or by email (answer within 48 hours maximum).

+33 142 962 626 (Ile-de-France)

Find regional call numbers on the association's website:

Suicide Écoute

Listening service that helps people facing suicide.

+33 145 394 000

Fil Sante Jeune

Fil Santé Jeune is an non profit service which offers listening, informing and orienting young people in the fields of physical, psychological and social health. Anonymous free helpline and live chat'

Help line 7/7, from 9 a.m to 11 p.m. Helpline : 0 800 235 236 and

National Association for Prevention in Alcoology and Addictology (ANPAA)

The leading organization managing care and prevention centers all across French territory.

+33 1 42 33 51 04

The Assistance Network for Victims of Aggression and Discrimination (RAVAD)

An association that assists victims of aggression and discrimination, especially for assault on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.


The Refuge

The national association The Refuge aims to prevent the isolation and suicide of LGBT youth, 18 to 25 years old, victims of homophobia or transphobia and family breakdown.

+33 631 596 950

SOS Homophobie

Anti-homophobia association

+ 33 628 320 250


Colectivo Hombres Trans - Guatemala

A resource for the trans men community.

Phone number: 22519216 / 50180631

E-mail Contact:


Hong Kong

Caritas Lok Heep Club
Break Through

Teen, mental health, LGBTQ+ resource:

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Self-harm, mental health, substance abuse, LGBTQ+ resources:

Rain Lily

Sexual assault, self-harm resources:

The Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong

Self-harm, mental health, teen resources:

The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong Project Touch

Teen, LGBTQ+ resources:


Rumah Natura Addiction Center

Natura provides comprehensive rehabilitation program services, including medical, psychosocial, religious, and educational programs.

Women Crisis Center / Mitra Perempuan

Urban Women is a NGO for sharing positive inspiration and motivation to modern women in Indonesia.

Hollaback! Jakarta

A movement to end harassment in public spaces powered by local activists.


Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Mental health resource:


Mental health resource:

National Anti-Drugs Agency (NADA)

Drugs and substance abuse resources:

Pengasih Malaysis

Drugs and substance abuse resources:

Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO)

Sexual assault and harassment resources:

Women’s Centre for Change (WCC)

Sexual assault and harassment resources:


Suicidal thoughts resource:

Queer Lapis


Alcohólicos Anónimos

A community of men and women that share their mutual experience, strength and hope to solve their problem and help others recover from alcoholism. Its main objective is to keep them sober and help other alcoholics reach sobriety as well.

Phone numbers: CDMX +52 (55) 5264-2406 / +52 (55) 5264-2466 / +52 (55) 5264-2588

Email contact:


Offers a solution for the problems related to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, medications and codependence. Its goal is to help recover it through an intensive and personalized program that combines a whole clinical team, which identifies and accompanies you to the solution of these disorders, integrating the family in its recovery and rehabilitation process.

Phone number: +52 (55) 5615-3333

Email contact:


fb oceanicamexico

tw oceanicamexico

ig oceanicaclinica


Sex and LGBQT: Ungdomstelefonen
Mental Health: Mental Helse Norge

Helpline: 116 123

Substance Abuse:

New Zealand


(open 24/7)

Ph: 0800 543 354

Text ‘Help’ to 4357


Depression Helpline
(open 24/7)

Ph: 0800 111 757

Text 4202


(open 24/7)

Ph: 0800 726 666


Suicide Crisis Helpline
(open 24/7)

Ph: 0508 828 865 (0508 TAUTOKO)

This is a service for people who may be thinking about suicide, or those who are concerned about family or friends.


(open 24/7)

Ph: 0800 376 633

Text 234 for free between 8am and midnight



Ph: 0800 688 5463 between 10am and 9pm weekdays, 6pm – 9pm weekends


1737: Call Free or Text Anytime

This is a phone or text service staffed by trained professionals, and designed to link to the service(s) that will help the user the best.

0800 WHATSUP Children's Helpline

Ph: 0800 9428 787 between 1pm and 10pm on weekdays and from 3pm to 10pm on weekends

Online chat is available from 7pm to 10pm every day at

(open 24/7)

Ph: 0800 543 754

This service is for children aged 5 to 18. Those who ring between 4pm and 9pm on weekdays will speak to a Kidsline buddy. These are specially trained teenage telephone counsellors.


Alcohol Drug Helpline
open 24/7

Ph: 0800 787 797

Text 8691 for free

For further information, contact the Mental Health Foundation's free Resource and Information Service on (09) 623 4812

Are You OK

Help if you are experiencing or witnessing family violence.

Ph: 0800 456 450


Rural Support Trust

Ph: 0800 787 254 (0800 RURAL HELP)


Rape Crisis
24hr service

Ph: 0800 842 846


The Harbour

Online support and information for people affected by sexual abuse


Women’s Refuge
Females only

Crisis Line: 0800 733 843 (0800 REFUGE)


Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust
Males only

Helplines across NZ


Safe to Talk
Free 24/7

Ph: 0800 044 334

Text 4334

Website/online chat:



Ph: (09) 376 4155



Lambda Warszawa

Helps people who have experienced discrimination or violence based on sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, and LGBT people who are otherwise in a crisis or in a difficult life situation.

Campaign Against Homophobia (PL: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii)

A Polish gay rights organization, which aims to promote legal and social equality for people outside the heteronorm.

Orange Line (Pomarańczowa Linia)
Drugs, Alcohol

Information and consultation program for parents of children who drink alcohol and take drugs.

Blue Line (Niebieska Linia)
Self Harm

The Polish Nationwide Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence "Blue Line"

By calling the hotline number (800 120 002) you can get psychological support, counseling, information on how to get help close to place of residence.

Trans-Fuzja Foundation


Portuguese Association for Victim Support



Suicidal tendencies: (

National Agency for gender equality

Domestic violence / human trafficking - 0800.500.333 - 24/24, 7/7 (

Women’s Aid

Domestic violence & abuse

1800 341 900 - (

Minte forte

Mental health:


Substance and alcohol abuse

Special Hospital for Addictions – Drajzerova

Sexual assault

Autonomous Women’s Center

SOS hotline: 0800 100 007

Self harm, mental issues

Dr Laza Lazarevic Psychiatric Hospital

National SOS hotline for suicide prevention: +381 11 7777 000


Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH)

Mental health resource:

Silver Ribbon Singapore

Mental health resource:

Institute of Mental Health

Mental health resource:

Clarity Singapore

Mental health resource:

National Addictions Management Service

Drugs, alcohol, and smoking addictions resources:

We Care Community Services

Drugs, alcohol, and sexual addictions resources:

National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA)

Drug addiction resource:

Alcoholics Anonymous Singapore

Alcoholism resource:

Samaritans of Singapore

Suicidal thoughts resource:

Sexual Assault Care Centre

Sexual assault and harassment resources:

Under the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE)



Provide comprehensive services to at-risk children and their familes.

Centrum Slniečko

Provides social assistance, humanitarian care for abused, sexually abused, neglected children, victims of domestic and gender-based violence, families and children in crisis situations.

Pomoc deťom v ohrození

Helps sick, abused, neglected, abused, disabled children or children who find themselves at risk the health and life.



Telephone: 020 505050

Mental Health: Riksförbundet för social och mental häls

Helpline: 08-12 00 80 40

Alcohol and Substance Abuse: Centralförbundet för Alkohol- och drogupplysning

Helpline: 08-412 46 00


The Garden of Hope Foundation

Sexual assault and harassment resource:

Sino-shepherds Youth Care Association

Mental health and teen resources:

Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association

LGBTQ+ resource:

United Kingdom

The Survivors Trust
Sexual Assault

Helpline: 0808 801 0818

Sexual Assault


  • National Male Survivor Helpline: 0808 800 5005
  • National Female Survivor Helpline: 0808 802 9999
  • Young Person Survivor Helpline: 0808 800 5007
Action on Addiction
Drug Abuse
Self Harm and Mental Health
Young Minds
Self Harm and Mental Health
The Mix
Self Harm and Mental Health