Salsa dancersSalsa dancers

Filmmakers Interview

  • What drew you to the subject?

  • (HBO's) Sheila Nevins had this inspired idea to make a documentary about something festive and celebratory based in and around New York. It seemed a real challenge to keep people's interest and keep our own interest as filmmakers without some kind of motivating incident, whether it's in a fiction film or a documentary.� But there's a less known tradition of looking at everyday things with love and engagement and celebration.

  • What surprised you in making the film?

  • The film had us shooting all over New York City, and many of these places weren't places we'd spent much time in before. As a native New Yorker, it's always surprising to me how much of this city I don't really know.

  • Were there any challenges in making the film?�

  • Casting was a challenge. Finding our characters, but more importantly, finding an engaging school was an important part of the process. There are many great salsa schools in New York City. And when I say New York City, I'm talking about all five boroughs.� That's how wide our net was initially.� We wanted to find a place that had hot dancing, had a charismatic instructor that had students that clearly came from all walks of life.� And "Santo Rico" met that requirement.