Cheryl David

Cheryl David

Played by Cheryl Hines

Cheryl Hines

Cheryl Hines is a series regular on HBO's critically acclaimed Golden Globe® Award winning series (2003 Best Comedy Series), "Curb Your Enthusiasm," the brainchild of Larry David, co-creator of "Seinfeld." The show's third season was nominated for ten Emmy® Awards including Best Supporting Actress for Cheryl and Best Comedy Series (nominated in 2002 as well). As a member of The Groundlings Theater, Cheryl has spent much of the last three years writing and performing sketch and improvisational comedy. This experience makes her feel very at home with the improvised dialogue format of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Although she is often cast in "pretty girl" roles, anyone who has seen her onstage wearing a wig cap during her 'One Woman Show' sketch knows that she would rather be funny than pretty. The Los Angeles Times wrote, "And, in her hilarious 'One Woman Show,' Cheryl Hines portrays a surreally untalented solo performer at her self-indulgent worst - a laugh riot for anyone who has ever suffered through the real thing." Variety concurred with their review, stating, "Cheryl Hines' 'One Woman Show' offers up five of the funniest minutes in any theater will want to watch her onstage for three hours."

Cheryl recently starred opposite Peter Gallagher in the cable feature "A Tale of Two Wives," a romantic revenge comedy . Cheryl also filmed a hilarious role in the upcoming John Hamburg film "Along Came Polly," starring Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller. Cheryl plays Aniston's snooty boss at a catering company who humiliates Aniston's character to a hilarious effect, just as she meets her love interest, Stiller.

Cheryl's was the female lead voice in DreamWorks Television's new NBC primetime animated series "Father of the Pride." A huge fan of Cheryl's from "Curb Your Enthusiasm," DreamWorks President Jeffrey Katzenberg handpicked Cheryl for the role. "Father of the Pride" is a "Shrek"-like primetime CGI cartoon about a family of white lions who work as performers in the Las Vegas act of illusionists Siegfried & Roy. Cheryl plays Kate, wife of John Goodman's character Larry who is the hardworking papa lion.

A native of Florida, Cheryl earned her Bachelor's degree in radio and television before moving to Los Angeles, where she has been successfully pursuing a career as an actress. Cheryl's numerous television roles have included memorable appearances on "Friends," "Everybody Loves Raymond" "Suddenly Susan," "The Wayans Brothers" and "Oh, Baby." She starred in the independent feature film "Cheap Curry and Calculus" and she has had principal roles in many live theater productions. Although many fans have revered Cheryl's dramatic performances in "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Swamp Thing," Cheryl modestly dismisses these roles as "crap."

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