What’s New on HBO This April

This April, catch the series premiere of The Sympathizer along with season premieres for The Jinx, We’re Here, and more.

See what else is arriving to HBO below; all titles listed will also be available to stream on Max

Premieres and Finales:

April 1 at 9 pm: The Synanon Fix series premiere 

April 6 at 10 pm: Alex Edelman: Just for Us premiere 

April 7 at 9 pm: The Regime season finale 

April 7 at 10 pm: Curb Your Enthusiasm series finale 

April 9 at 9 pm: Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion premiere 

April 14 at 9 pm: The Sympathizer series premiere 

April 16 at 9 pm: An American Bombing: The Road to April 19th premiere 

April 21 at 10 pm: The Jinx season premiere 

April 26 at 10 pm: We’re Here season premiere

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House of the Dragon
The Sopranos
The Last of Us

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