Sad Sack Wasp Trap

Written by Anna Jordan

Directed by Adam Arkin

Logan returns to Waystar despite his less-than-perfect health. He reasserts his authority and brings his longtime COO Frank Vernon back into the fold, challenging Roman's position. 

Because of his father’s illness, Kendall steps forward to make the keynote speech at the annual Waystar charity banquet – a speech that includes a joke about Logan’s imminent retirement. Connor, who Logan allowed to organize the event, misunderstands Kendall’s planned joke, and tells his father that Kendall will be announcing his retirement. Logan, angered by Kendall’s attempt to gain hold of the company, delivers the keynote instead and declares his intention to stay on board.

Shiv learns that Joyce, her high-profile political client, is embroiled in an embarrassing sex scandal after a naked picture of Joyce's husband is leaked to the press. Joyce urges Shiv to halt the Waystar-owned ATN News network’s overbearing coverage of her scandal.

Tom learns of crimes committed on Waystar-owned cruises from his retiring predecessor. Fearful of the fallout if the stories were made public, Tom confides in Greg. While Tom is contemplating blowing the whistle, Greg secretly alerts Gerri, Waystar’s senior counsel. Gerri pressures Tom to keep his mouth shut.