Written by Jesse Armstrong

Directed by Adam McKay

Logan Roy, patriarch of the Roy family and CEO of media conglomerate Waystar/Royco, is in declining health. Though he is nearly prepared to retire and relinquish control of the company to his son Kendall, Logan is concerned by Kendall’s lack of killer instinct. After Kendall’s lackluster negotiations with Vaulter, a small, brash new media outfit he intends to acquire, Logan decides to hold off on retirement and remain as CEO.

Kendall is devastated by his father’s sudden change of heart and persistent disapproval, believing himself to be deserving of the job. During the next round of negotiations with Vaulter, Kendall is far more aggressive, which helps him secure the deal—at a much higher price.

After Logan decides to remain in charge, he asks his younger children, Roman and Shiv, to take on prominent roles within Waystar in return for increasing the power of his third wife, Marcia, within the corporate power structure. Roman is particularly intrigued by the opportunity to wield power within the company. Meanwhile, Shiv finds more fulfillment in her current career as a political consultant.

Greg Hirsch was raised far away from his great uncle Logan’s wealth and status. But after he gets fired from a job at a Waystar-owned theme park, Greg’s mother urges him to move to New York and ask Logan for a position in the company.

As Logan discusses his leadership restructuring plan with Shiv and Roman, he collapses.