Written by Gillian Flynn
Directed by Jean-Marc Vallée

On the day of Natalie Keene’s funeral, Adora Crellin eats breakfast alongside Alan Crellin, Amma Crellin and Camille Preaker. Adora bemoans how difficult the service will be. Amma is not allowed to attend and Adora scoffs when Camille insists she must go for work.

Meanwhile, Detective Richard Willis visits a memorial where Natalie’s body was found in the alleyway in Episode 1, “Vanish.” He goes to the barbershop nearby and asks the barber who put the flowers there, as he thinks the gesture could be “a sign of a guilty conscience.” Afterward, Willis runs into Chief Bill Vickery and muses about how strange it is that Ann Nash’s body was left in the woods whereas Natalie’s was left in the middle of town. Willis theorizes the killer wants attention.

At the packed funeral, Camille and Adora share a pew with Jackie O’Neill. The service begins and Camille jots down notes. Adora snatches Camille’s pen, but Camille takes it back and continues writing. Jackie notices.

After Natalie’s mother delivers an emotional eulogy, Camille is transported to a memory from her sister Marian’s funeral: Young Camille places her head on Adora’s lap in the empty funeral parlor, but Adora rejects the affection, moving to kneel in front of Marian’s open casket. Back in the present, Adora orders Camille to stop writing. Camille gathers her things and leaves.

Camille goes to the local convenience store to pick up a sewing kit. There, she runs into Amma with her friends Kelsey and Jodes. Amma asks Camille for a few bucks to buy a “soda” the girls sneakily swapped out for vodka. Camille gives her the money but says both she and Adora want Amma home. “Someone’s killing little girls,” Camille warns. “Not the cool ones,” Kelsey responds. Amma promises to be back before curfew.

Camille drives to the Keenes’ house and calls Frank Curry. She tells him Natalie’s mother is holding a gathering after the funeral. “When Marian died, we just shuttered our home for a year,” Camille recalls. “With us inside.” Curry suggests Camille get as many personal details about Natalie and Natalie’s family as possible. After hanging up, Camille takes out the needle from the sewing kit and slides it under her nail. She touches it to a scar on her wrist, pausing when she notices Bob Nash getting kicked out of the Keene house.

Inside, Camille pours a drink and wanders around the house. She finds Natalie’s room and discovers a pet spider on her dresser, which she takes outside to set free. There, she finds Natalie’s father sitting alone. He maintains he was in Philadelphia when Natalie went missing and asserts that John would never do anything to hurt his sister.


Camille returns to Natalie’s bedroom, but it’s not long before Adora discovers and scolds her daughter. Camille leaves the house and goes to Overly Park, the place Natalie was last seen alive. A little boy playing ball tells her that James Capisi was the last person to encounter Natalie, so Camille heads to his home to question him. James says he saw a “woman in white” take Natalie and that he told the police, but they insisted he was “seeing ghosts.” Camille points out to him that “the woman in white” is a piece of local folklore. As they talk, she notices James playing with a gun and expresses her concern to his mother, who tells Camille to “screw off.”

Richard, meanwhile, also tries to make headway on the case. He goes to the morgue to see Natalie’s body and talk to the medical examiner, who reveals the killer used a pair of household pliers to extract her teeth. To test how much physical power this act would take, Richard tries his hand at extracting teeth from a severed pig’s head. He finds the task extremely strenuous.

Back at the Crellin house, Amma naps while Adora cries in Marian’s bed. Camille briefly returns there, hears Adora crying, and heads back out into town. She finds Vickery and asks why the police aren’t listening to James Capisi. Vickery reasons it’s because eight-year-old James  has, “a single mom with cancer and she’s a meth addict on top.” The chief is also confident a man, as opposed to a woman, is the killer.

Camille goes to Sensors Bar and sits down with Richard there. After she agrees to give him some education on Wind Gap, he promises to tell her some things off the record. He says they’re looking at Bob Nash and John Keene as suspects because they always look at relatives in cases like these. He explains that both he and Vickery believe the killer to be male because it’s statistically likely, and because of the strength it takes to pull out teeth. “I tried it,” Richard tells Camille, specifying it was on a pig’s head.

Camille goes home, where Adora is helping Amma with her doll house. Camille goes to her room and calls Curry to give him an update on the case. He asks how she’s holding up. “I’m good, Curry. Let me be good, okay?” She types up her story, but is interrupted when she hears screaming coming from downstairs. Camille finds Adora and Alan trying to calm down Amma, who’s having a tantrum. Adora says it’s because her friends were murdered and she’s lashing out, and then Adora accuses Camille of being drunk at the Keenes’ house. When a frustrated Camille points out Adora always finds a way to blame her, Adora explains that she could see Camille in Natalie: “I thought maybe I could help her, since I clearly couldn’t help you.”

Amma takes a break from her tantrum to comfort her mother: “It’s okay, Mama. I think Camille can be good. Can’t you Camille?”