FAQs About Painting with John

Have questions about Painting with John? Well, John Lurie, the creator and star of the series, is here to answer some frequently asked questions about his unscripted HBO show.

Who is John Lurie?

I am John Lurie. Thank you for asking.

Who else appears in Painting with John?

Nesrin Wolf as Scooch the Oocher. Ann Mary James. Leroy Jacob. And Rudolph, the man who sleeps in the mango tree.

What is Painting with John about?

I tell stories from my life. Then I paint for a bit. Then I roll tires down a hill.

Who is Painting with John for?

I made a half hour TV commercial for my paintings. The show is for me.

Will Painting with John teach me how to paint?

God, no!

What happens in each episode?

I crash a drone. I complain about my polite smile. I paint for a bit. Introduce the audience to Nesrin and Ann Mary. Then I look at a sunset.

How would you classify John’s artwork?

It is very pretty.

Do I need to be an art aficionado to appreciate the series?

No, art aficionados will hate the series. Like they hate everything else.

Do I need to see Fishing with John to understand Painting with John?

No, but a careful reading of Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past would prove helpful.

Why should I watch Painting with John?

Who said you should?

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