Thirsty as F**k Recap

On the last episode of Insecure, Issa and Lawrence the Newly Employed made up and made their way back into each other’s arms. And Molly is outchea hustling backwards in love still. Let’s get into the latest!

Tub Fail - Lawrence got a job and now he is going on a jog. You better look at progress! The couch is still where he and Issa left it, on the curb outside their house. He gets home and Issa’s in the shower. She sees her boo all sweaty and shirtless and invites him to join her. AND BLESS HBO FOR LETTING US SEE JAY ELLIS’ GLUTEUS. It was hella maximus too. Hey boo. See? I’m all distracted. ANYWAY, he gets in and the logistics of shower sharing does not allow for the sexytimes that they were anticipating. They almost lose their lives in that tub. They go furniture shopping and are all lovey dovey. It’s a new day for the 2 of them, and they see a fighting couple. That used to be them. Last week.

Date 3 - Molly is on a date with Michael, the dude she met on The League and things are going well. That white dress she rocked on their first date worked well, and now here they are on date three. She makes a sly nitpicky comment about how he didn’t let her know he made it home safe the night before and I start to realize Molly’s downfall. At work, she rolls her eyes walking past a conference room as Rasheedah the Loud tells a story about a case she’s working on to her coworkers.

Total Recall - Daniel, Issa’s old old ex, drops by her job, looking all chocolate and delicious. He apologizes about him playing her in the car, and she accepts. She tells him she’s back with Lawrence sooooo sorry, my dude. It also never fails that a bat signal goes out once you’re in a happy relationship to people who previously had no time for you. It’s like the universe sends a morse code to all the f**kboys in your past. That’s essentially what she tells Molly on the phone.

Misfit - Back in her office, her coworker Diane asks her about Michael and she says he told her he’s too busy to date. Three dates and he tells her that? Hmmm… our girl gotta start doing some self-reflection. Instead, she has another date lined up that night. In walks Molly’s boss (Hannah), who says that the summer interns are doing well. Well, all but Rasheeda who isn’t “fitting in with the culture.” And she wants Molly to break that news to her.

Career Day - Lawrence starts his day working at Best Buy, and with a swallow of humble pie, he begins. They move him from dealing with computers (his expertise) to washers & dryers. Frieda and Issa are working late on career day for the kids. After one of their coworkers flaked out on getting them a speaker, they start talking shit about her. Patricia becomes the connector between the two. Frieda tells Issa to ask Daniel to speak, since he’s in the music business and unfortunately, he says yes.

New Start - Molly is on another League date, and it’s with another lawyer (Chris. Heyyy Jidenna). They trade stories of being the token Black person at their law firms and the date starts off with that common ground. It heats up as they dance to the slow jams of the live performer on stage. Issa gets home and Lawrence is on the floor eating food because he doesn’t wanna stain their new couch. It’s too new. They can’t get it all dirty yet. Molly goes to Hannah and says she doesn’t think her chatting with Rasheedah would have the same gravity. Bosslady says she’s handle it.

Hot Sauce - Lawrence is at the mall eating lunch and Tasha from the unemployment office sees him and joins him for lunch. They start talking about his job and what he wants to do, and he says he wants to build an app. She cheerleads just right and tells him not to quit that piece of his dream, even as he works at Best Buy. Because they have good taste, they enjoy the hot sauce she pulled out her bag. I love hot sauce but even that can’t make me believe in the ministry of kale.

Crushes - Molly leave a message for Issa saying she can make it to career day afterall. As she walks out the office, she sees Rasheedah in a conference room surrounded by the partners, looking rejected. Damb. At career day, Daniel shows up looking good dinnamug, and he plays the kids a beat. They are so into it, and it only makes him hotter. Especially when he defends a little boy who failed at freestyling. He tells the kids that Issa can rap and one of them says “You got a crush on Miss Issa.” From the mouth of babes. He sure does. And the way she looks at him when he walks away, she clearly does too.

Issa goes to the bathroom and in the mirror is Daniel, who then gets shirtless. That is one man to fantasize about. He’s her “what if?” guy. Her fave rapper, Ty $ shows up in the mirror too and she’s giggling like a fool when in REAL LIFE, Molly shows up behind her. “What are you doing?” “I was just asking Siri where Malcolm Jamal Warner was born. It’s Brooklyn.” She saw Daniel as he was leaving, though. Whoops. Explaining it to her bestie even sounded trite. Shoutout to that super cute denim romper Issa was rocking, doe.

Career Day is done and Issa is cleaning up as a group of the kids stroll by. They’re watching an online video of her Broken Pu**y performance. Trouble dey.

So, Issa is now stuck between a fine a*s rock and a handsome hard place. In a good space with her boyfriend but her “what if?” guy is back in the mix. Is she gonna stick with what’s comfortable or go for what is unknown? And it looks like there’s a budding crush between Tasha and Lawrence. She seems to show up right in time to give him a TED talk and it clearly makes him feel good. Meanwhile, Molly is so far 0 for 2. But we have another candidate up who she seems to hit it off with. Let’s see if they make it past date 3. I’m rooting for our girl and her Broken Pu**y.

Also, the couch they dragged out still being on the curb feels like symbolism about how you can think you’ve gotten rid of old wounds but they refuse to go away.

— Luvvie Ajayi