Racist as F**k Recap

Episode 2 ended with Molly reconnecting with the guy from the club, Jared. Could there be hope afterall? Let’s see, in episode 3 of Insecure.

Strangers - Issa is in her room putting on her night scarf (because: Black girl), when Lawrence comes in and shuts off the light. The two have the most awkward exchange ever, and a night of tossing and turning. They don’t even seem like friends, let alone partners. It’s like Tamia’s “Stranger In My House” was their theme song.

Work Issues - Can’t Get a Job Corey (Lawrence) goes to the head hunter, who tells him that he might need to lower his salary expectations to “started from the bottom” levels. He says he can wait for the perfect job to come. Yeah, aight. At work, Molly introduces herself to a new Black hire. Her name is Rasheedah but “you can call me Dah Dah.” I don’t know about you but I’m not calling a grown woman no damb “Dah Dah.”

Backstabbing - Issa’s coworkers are talking behind her back about “Beach Day” for the kids because they’re concerned. Pissed, she goes home and tells bum bae that “They’re having secret white meetings and they’re sending secret white emails.” Because when you’re Black and you make a mistake at work, people lose faith in you. Meanwhile, he tells her his job news: which is basically that he still ain’t got one and the beggar has the nerve to be choosy.

Standards - Bestie boos go and get tacos and talk about their boy troubles. Issa doesn’t think Lawrence is doing enough to understand her and Molly’s current whatever he is, Jared, is wishy washy as hell. Molly calls out her bestie and says it takes two to tango, so maybe it ain’t all Lawrence’s fault. They go to a house party where Molly’s soror (AKA) Tiffany, is there with her boo and they meet up with their other girl, Kelly. She exclaims over Molly’s stilettos, and Issa isn’t impressing anyone in her red Converse. Issa is so me, yo. Jared shows up, though! He was there when Issa humiliated Molly with “Broken Pu**y” and tells the crew about their friend getting onstage to rap. They’re about to start roasting Issa when she excuses herself and leaves.

LA Dudes - After Issa leaves, they sit down and have a discussion about LA dudes, them ignoring Black women and why having standards does not mean one is difficult. Tiffany’s husband says Molly’s problem is that she likes being in control, but Jared chimes up that he thinks it’s sexy. SCORE 5 POINTS FOR GRYFFINDOR. Soon after, he mentions that he didn’t go to college. And the record scratches as the room falls in silence. He just committed the cardinal bougie Black person sin. No college?? Meanwhile, Kelly gives no dambs, as she’s on the hunt for the phone numbers of one of Jared’s boys. At the end of the night when they’re alone, Jared tells Molly that he likes her. They seal it with some tongue wrestling.

What a Beach - It’s Beach Day and the staff of “We Got Y’all” are on the bus with the kids, who are not pleased about this field trip they’re on. Two of Issa’s coworkers (one of them a brown woman named Sarah) are clearly talking about her through texts as they giggle, so she gets up to give the kids a pep talk. It fails majestically as they use the word “beach” over and over to represent “bitch.”

Between Jobs Barry goes to the bank to cash his unemployment check and he’s such a regular that he is on a first name basis with the teller, Tasha. She gives him a mini TED talk about how he ain’t got no kids and the world is his oyster and he’s a “good Black man.” Lawrence leaves smiling.

At the beach, the kids are having fun, picking up trash and having a ball. White boy who works with Issa asks her “why don’t more of them swim?” Her answer: “Slavery.” And I spit out my juice. LMAO! No chill.

Code Switch - Molly’s at work when she sees an alert that she’s been let into The League, the dating site for elite folks and public figures. Her celebration is cut short by Rasheedah’s loud ass voice in the hallway. She is getting her unapologetic professional Black girl on, without code switch or anything. Molly pulls her into her office, and in so many words, tells her to tone down her… “in your face” ness. Or maybe Molly is afraid of her being a walking cliché of what a Black girl should be. But Rasheedah says “I didn’t switch it up when I interviewed with the senior partners. I didn’t switch it up when I was editor of the Law Review. I don’t think I need to switch it up now.” COME THROUGH AND BE YOURSELF, SIS. FOLKS WILL DEAL.

Take That - Beach day was a success and Frieda apologizes to Issa about the backtalk and emails. Meanwhile, Sarah the brown girl, who has been lead shittalker is congratulating Issa. Our girl goes to her bathroom mirror and composes a quick rap about how she better get out her face.

In It - Molly calls Issa super excited because she’s in the League. What happened with Jared? Well he doesn’t have a college degree so that takes him down a few notches. Issa side-eyes her bestie. She walks in and finds Lawrence cooking up lamb and whatnot. He puts a plate for her on the dinner table but she takes it and sits on the couch with the remote, in front of the TV. So much for them having dinnertime. She then spills some of her food on the couch and Lawrence goes off. In an instant, the memories they’ve made on that couch come flooding back. From when they first moved in and excitedly bought it and used to cuddle, to how they’ve slowly drifted apart. She says “I’m sorry. For everything. It’s on me too.” This gives him the chance to also apologize. He has a job now, by the way: at Best Buy. He humbled himself to do that and she says she’s proud of him. They kiss for the first time in forever. And hug. “I’m in this.” Aawww.

Old and New - Jared calls Molly and asks if she wants to get something to eat. She tells him “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.” WORD??? This is a surprise. She says she wants to just be friends with him. DAMB. She walks into a restaurant while rocking this banging white dress to meet up with a man named Michael. This is why Molly can’t have nice things in love. Because: shallow. That college degree Jared lacked was the reason she curved him.

Issa and Lawrence drag their old couch out to the front, wondering if anyone will want that junk. My fave, Thug Yoda, rolls up right on time and asks “What are y’all muf**kas doing with that bouch?” HA! Someone’s trash is another’s treasure.

When Molly made that call to Jared, I totally hit a wall slide. Like, my G. Why must you insist on failing successfully in dating?? Bless her heart. I’m yet rooting for her. And I’m totally here for the fact that Issa and Lawrence are bridging their gap. Now that he has a job and all and I can stop calling him Unemployed Ulysses.

— Luvvie Ajayi