Guilty as F**k Recap

When we left off, Issa had just slept with her ex, Daniel. And Molly had just been humiliated by her date, Chris. Let’s get into episode 6!

Broken Pu**y - Issa pulls up at home knowing she’s trifling AF, and Lawrence is still up watching a game. She pictures herself walking in and confessing, and pictures him slapping her. That better not happen! Hell. What really happens when she walks in is that she tells him she had a long day at work and he shows her that the Broken Pu**y video is no longer on YouTube or anywhere. He had one of his hookups handle it, and I’m sitting here impressed that he had strings to pull. He’s better than his shaggy beard lets on. She starts crying thug tears, partly from love but I’m sure a lot from guilt. As they get ready for bed and start making out, Issa gets flashbacks to her earlier romp with Daniel. The guilt dries up her Love Pocket so fast, and she hops off Lawrence. Her pu**y is broken from shame.

Breakfast - The next morning, Molly wakes up on Jared’s couch, hungover and looking like whodunit. She sits down as he eats breakfast and he calls her out on her boolsheet. Why did she end up at his house after a drunken night? Because she was having man issues and she somehow ended up there. Ma’am, you don’t dump one dude and then show up at his crib when another dude curves you! I try to root for Molly but she is constantly doing the most with the least. She apologizes to Jared and one thing leads to another and they end up banging on the wall. F**k yo errands, Molly. Get this Jared peen!

Issa shocks Lawrence by cooking him a full breakfast. Guilt will make you overcompensate. At work, Issa proposes that the We Got Y’all annual event happen in Inglewood so the kids can be there. Meanwhile, she’s ignoring Daniel’s texts.

Sexual Appetite - Molly gets call from Issa as she’s cooking dinner for Jared. With her flip flopping a*s. But heyyyy. That breakfast from the other day got our girl getting her Martha Stewart on. She tells her bestie that this time might be different. Issa’s getting ready for dinner with Lawrence, pulling out the stops in a black dress and pumps, instead of her usual tshirt and chucks. Right then, Molly’s doorbell rings and it’s Jared, looking good dinnamug. Homeboy’s FAHN, bruh. So I understand why dinner didn’t start on time, because the two of them got to making the secks.

Ring - Date night with Issa and Lawrence is going well when he suggests they go into a jewelry store. He asks to see a marquee cut setting and when the jeweler brings it out, he places one on her finger. Her joy is momentary as she flashes back to her horizontal tango with Daniel and she hurriedly leaves the store. Bae is looking hella confused about what just happened.

Over at Molly’s, her and Jared are getting food and talking about some of their secret Aint Sh*t moments of the past. Molly’s confessions: she slept with a college professor, kissed a girl and did coke while in law school. Yo, she was wilding out a little. But look at growth! Jared’s confessions: he slept with his married first boss, ran naked through a hotel andddd hooked up with a guy when he was 20. SCREEEEECCHHH. Stop the presses. Time out. Molly gets uncomfortable immediately and starts asking questions. Is he bi? Did this happen more than once? Jared says nah, and he knew the moment it happened that it wasn’t his jam. Thus bringing up the double standard of the scarlet letter that’s attached to men who identify as straight having one male experience, thereby branding them gay or bi. But women (like Molly) can experiment with other women and still be able to own heterosexuality.

Play by Play - Molly tells her girls (Tiffany, Kelly and Issa) and they are split on it. One of them (Tiffany) thinks he’s gay once he touches another penis and Molly agrees. The other two (Kelly and Issa), disagree. “Why do Black men have to fit into a box and be super masculine all the time?” TRUEEE. Issa pulls Molly to the side and tells her to give Jared a chance and look past that minor tryst he had. The squad, with Lawrence and Derek in tow, go inside the theater to watch the play created by Kelly’s cousin.

Rage Ticket - The play is as bootleg as they expected, about Black Jesus (who likes to milly rock) and Hood Judas (rocking a bad locs wig). But on that stage, Issa sees her situation reflected. The betrayal of Jesus by someone who was supposed to be His ride-or-die. After a meeting for work the next day, she’s yawning cuz she ain’t got good sleep. Lawrence calls her up and says he has a job interview and is all adorable by thanking her for being there for him. She looks crestfallen and her coworker Frieda asks her what’s wrong. Just then, the We Got Y’all car gets a parking ticket. Our girl is pissed, kicking the car and Frieda tries to comfort her.

Don’t Tell - Molly is at a café with Jared and sees him dap up another man, and it bothers her. At her house, as he’s making her nethers his dinner (heyyyy boo), she stops him. She says she can’t stop thinking about his one sexual experience with a dude. “I just can’t do this.” WOMP! Later on, her and Issa meet up and she’s upset that none of her situationships ever work out. She wishes he didn’t tell her, especially since he was one dude she really liked too. Speaking of messing up, Issa confesses that she slept with Daniel. Bofadem are a mess right now. Molly’s advice is that if it was a one time thing, she shouldn’t tell Lawrence. Funny. Like the one time thing Jared shouldn’t have told her?

The Mirror - In the bathroom mirror, Lawrence is practicing for his interview when Issa walks in. She runs up to him, with new resolve of letting bygones be bygones, and they start going AT IT. Owwwww!! Post-coital bliss has Issa knocked out when Lawrence goes to the bathroom. He almost steps on her phone, which is on the floor with the rest of her clothes when he picks it up. He sees a text from Daniel that says “So we really not talking?” and he drops the phone.

Gahtdambit. Well, at least it wasn’t a worse text. However, this will have his spidey senses tingling, if he’s smart.

Things just seem to fall down for the girls when they start to look up. Just when Molly starts really liking Jared, she finds out he slept with a man before. Just when Issa and Lawrence start making their way back to each other, she makes the ultimate mistake and sleeps with her ex. And now, he’s ready to marry her as she carries this major secret with her.

I am rooting for Issa and Molly to get their sh*t together and be happy in love. We shall see.

— Luvvie Ajayi