Broken as F**k Recap

It all fell down in the previous episode of Insecure, just as things were looking up for Issa. The fundraiser she planned for WE GOT Y’ALL was a rousing success. But her and Molly got into their worst fight ever, and Lawrence walked out after learning she slept with Daniel. Let’s get into the season 1 finale!

Done - It’s been 3 days since the door slide heard around the world and Issa hasn’t heard from Lawrence. She’s leaving him messages, moping and scrolling through her Facebook seeing their couple pics. She can’t even get herself to write a bad rap to recite in the bathroom mirror.

Lawrence is in a work meeting when a delivery shows up for him and he has to go outside to get it. Surprise! It’s Issa with a brown bag full of things he might need like toothbrush and shaving cream. He is not amused. She apologizes for her mistake but he ain’t hearing it. Her “I love you” gets no love back as he walks away. Homebro is done.

Girl Bye - At work, Issa is distracted and despondent, after the best event she’s ever put together. She has one more call on the donor thank you list and it’s Molly. That call doesn’t go like she expected. She expected her BFF to be over their fight, but that ain’t it. Issa tries to joke with her about their friend Kelly, whose birthday trip is coming up and Molly hangs up on her. Ouch!

Ice cold - The ladies (Kelly, Tiffany, Molly and Issa) are in the car headed to Malibu for the weekend but the ice from Molly to Issa probably had that car freezing. When they get to the house they’re staying in for the weekend, it’s dope. Tiffany calls dibs on one of the upstairs bedrooms, and Molly quickly calls the other with a quickness, because the way her petty is set up, she didn’t wanna be sleeping on the same floor as her bestie. Later on, they go clubbing and “We did say” is the game of choice. It means any requests made must be honored, no matter how bad it is. Because good behavior on that night is frowned upon.

Done or Finished? - Lawrence is bunking with his friend, Chad. You know the one who is newly engaged and had him thinking about marrying Issa? Mmhmm. That one. Chad asks him if he’s really done with Issa, with all that history they got and his Drake-like ways of sensitivity. This charges Lawrence up to stop moping for the evening. He wants to go out and do hoodrat things with his friends. Cuz why not?

Cougar - At the club, Tiffany asks Issa what’s up, and she doesn’t let on about her fight with Lawrence. They all start dancing and Issa sees Molly tongue wrestling with some random dude who looks like he just got his first chance to vote. And because she’s on the mission to conquer a peen on that night, Molly takes him to their house. Conquer she does, cuz she dominates homeboy, having her way with him.

It’s the butt crack of dawn when Issa goes to the kitchen to grab some water since she can’t sleep. She sees her bestie escorting Yung OneNightStand out. Issa’s rocking a very appropriate “Giver of No Dambs” tshirt (yessss) that clearly belongs on Molly since she seems fresh out of f**ks to give. The besties exchange an ice cold glance and each goes back to her room. I HATE SEEING THEM LIKE THIS.

Fight Him - Kelly’s little conquest ain’t work out, and she tells Issa she’s lucky she has Lawrence. Issa tells her everything ain’t smooth and Kelly jumps through more conclusions than an 8th grader’s book report. First she thinks Lawrence hit Issa, and threatens to fight him (because she’s a real G), and then she wonders if she is pregnant. Issa downplays what’s really happening and tells her friend that she and Lawrence are just going through a rough patch.

Tiffany and Molly are waiting for the other girls to join them for a wine tasting. Molly takes the time to mention how much Issa gets on her nerves for telling others how to live. Right then, Issa shows up sans Kelly, who is “resting.”

Nice Guys - Chad and Lawrence are at a strip club with their squad and the men are discussing how “they don’t make Black women like they used to.” Apparently, the ones from the past were more willing to overlook things like cheating and chronic Ain’t Sh*tness. It’s like reminiscing about how people used to be more willing to take torture. eye roll The advice Lawrence’s boys give him is that he has nothing to worry about if he’s back on the market. Women have lowered their standards and are willing to do whatever he would want. I legit wanted to tackle all of them out their seats. He takes their advice on, and grabs a stripper to give him a private dance. Just impressionable AF. As he gets the private lap dance, she calls him a “nice guy” and that seems to be his “dare” card. She pulls down his zipper and says she will take $200 to give him head and $400 to f**k him. Will he or won’t he?

Clapback season - The girls are in the hot tub playing “We did say.” Apparently, “New Molly” is ready to play and the girls ask the question of what makes this version of her different from the old one? “I do not give a f**k what anybody thinks. Old boy from the club was cute so I got with him.” Kelly says “But that’s what you always do.” BLOOP. Tiffany and Kelly go IN, laughing about how she’s the same person but the new version of her just purposefully sabotages her love life. Issa notices her bestie’s hurt, which is masked as annoyance, and she claps back at them. Kelly acts 19 and Tiffany is co-dependent on her man. Tiffany shoots back that at least she got a man instead of pretending she has one. SO SHE KNOWS. She also knows that it’s because Issa cheated on Lawrence. This pulls Molly out her silent treatment as she looks at her best friend, concerned. Right then, Issa’s phone rings and it’s Lawrence.

Best Friends Forever - She hops out the tub. I guess he didn’t take that stripper up on her offer. He tells her that he misses her. AAAAAAWWWWW. Yes. Give Issa another chance. They promise to talk when she’s back from Malibu and hang up. When they do, she tells the girls she needs to go home now to talk to Lawrence, even though it’s 1am. Tiffany and Kelly are drunk and Molly is still not speaking to her. Welp, guess she’ll UBER. Except the closest one is 40 minutes away.

Molly comes into her room with car keys. She’ll drive. COME THROUGH, BESTFRAN. The drive back to LA is mostly quiet until Molly breaks the silence. What is Issa gon say to Lawrence? “I’m really sorry for hurting you and I can’t imagine my life without you. You’re my best friend. You’re my body goals.” It’s the apology to Molly that Issa hadn’t given until that point. Molly admits that Issa was right for calling her a mess, and she knows she gotta get her sh*t together asaptually. And they make up and I rejoice!

Home - Lawrence walks into the apartment and shortly after, Molly drops Issa off. Issa walks into the place and into their bedroom, expecting to see him. Instead, she sees that all of his things are gone, even his pillow. The only thing remaining is his Best Buy shirt, hanging in the closet. Where’s Lawrence? BANGING THE HELL OUTTA TASHA. Mhmm. The bank teller who’s been pushing up on him. This is his revenge.

Issa ends up sitting on the couch they abandoned on the sidewalk. Molly shows up with a bottle of wine and her bestie crumples into her lap, crying.

And then I jump into a pool of my own feelings. DAMBIT, humans. We are so destructive to each other. We are so unable to deal with things healthily. Instead, driven by ego, we sabotage our lives, hurting those closest to us in order to find temporary salves for deep wounds. Just when I thought Lawrence was about to let Issa back into his heart, he goes and lets his penis do the talking (or f**king).

My heart is broken for Issa. She made a major mistake but who hasn’t? And it seems whenever 2 things in her life are going well, 1 falls apart. When she was good with her bestie and her bae, she was failing at her job. Now that she’s excelling at her job and she’s made up with Molly, she loses Lawrence. I just wanna hug her neck.

And Molly. Well, first step is admitting and she finally realized that she has some accountability in the shoddiness of her love life, and she needs to get herself together. I’m hoping step 2 soon comes for her because she has to get out her patterns and try something new.

At least if they have no one else, Issa and Molly have each other. I’ll take solace in that.

I cannot believe the first season of Insecure is already done. Over these 8 episodes, we’ve been introduced to, and fallen in love with, Issa and Molly. Their friendship, turmoil, mistakes and triumphs have taken me on a roller coaster ride that I wasn’t ready to get off yet. It only makes me more anxious to see season 2. In this off season, I’ma do my part and take Issa and Lawrence’s name to the altar. Cuz when Jesus says yes, no side piece will turn it into a no. AMEN, SAINTS!

See you in season 2. My body is ready!

— Luvvie Ajayi