Raoul Peck’s Essential Reading and Viewing

Continue your re-education with this collection of books and films curated by Exterminate All the Brutes director Raoul Peck, featuring his personal commentary on each work.

I was asked to provide a sort of artistic, creative, historical, political “mood cloud” as an assortment piece around “Brutes.”

I sometimes have a political, professional or historical story with each of these books and films, but most generally always a personal one.

In their own way, each one of them triggered durable changes in my way of thinking, provided deep insights and overall guidance and, most deeply, a great source of inspiration for my work.

For these are incredible revealers of the way of the world, from different shades, angles and articulations. They are unalterable. May they touch you in many ways, as well. They are a testament of us living in the same world, and in the same unique history.

…And show and expose to us the world as it is.