Trinea Gonczar At The Heart of Gold HBO DocumentaryTrinea Gonczar At The Heart of Gold HBO Documentary

Trinea Gonczar

Trinea Gonczar is a gymnast from Lansing, Michigan, a survivor of Larry Nassar, and an advocate for preventing sexual assault and helping other victims. She is currently the Director of Development for Wayne County SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Examiners Program) in the city of Detroit, where she lives with her husband Justin and son Ashton.

What has been integral to your personal healing?

Being with my fellow sister survivors has helped me tremendously. Our shared experience helps us to understand and support each other completely. It has also been very helpful to work with other survivors of sexual violence. They teach me something new about myself every day.

What’s one way someone can be a better ally to survivors of sexual abuse?

Listen and believe. People often think there is a more complex solution on how to help survivors, but really the most important thing is to listen to and believe them.

What do you hope viewers take away from the film?

I hope viewers see that more often than not, predators are closer and perhaps more familiar to us then people think. Most people imagine predators as strangers in a white van driving down the road; we think we could spot them clearly. But statistically they are usually people we already know and maybe even trust. I hope that by sharing our stories, viewers can learn how to prevent something similar happening to themselves or a loved one.