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President Obama in Conversation With David Simon

The president sat with the creator of 'The Wire' to discuss the war on drugs.

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Interview With Jamie Hector

The Game Is the Game Because Someone's Got to Win

Jamie Hector examines Marlo Stansfield’s vulnerable moments, the importance of branding, and debates whether he went legit.

Interview With Tristan Wilds

No Psychic Could Have Foreseen This

Tristan Wilds talks about being a 16-year old on the set of the show and the bonds he forged with his fellow Season 4 actors.

Interview With Wendell Pierce

You Learn Something Every Time

Wendell Pierce reflects on the show’s cultural impact, Bunk’s most memorable scenes, and reveals which line still breaks his heart.

Interview With Andre Royo

There’s So Much of Bubbles in Me

Andre Royo shares his connections to his character, what it was like walking the red carpet and how he got his 'Street Oscar.'

Interview With Sonja Sohn

Her Job as a Cop Intersected With Her Heart

Sonja Sohn discusses a key scene for Kima Greggs and thinks about where she might be today.

October 16, 2014

'The Wire' Paleyfest Reunion

Hear what was going on behind the scenes from the cast members themselves.

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