True BloodTrue Blood

A shocking murder outside Merlotte’s has the town of Bon Temps, and Sookie Stackhouse, reeling.
Sookie and Bill contend with teen vampire Jessica; Jason impresses his Light of Day leaders; Maryann casts her spell at Merlotte’s.
Sookie survives a vicious assault, and strikes a deal with Eric; Jessica finds a willing suitor in Hoyt.
Bill, Sookie and Jessica head to Dallas; Maryann throws Tara a birthday bash; Jason gets a promotion.
Sookie maps out a plan to find the vampire Godric; Jason shines at boot camp; Maryann weighs her relocation options.
Sookie gets company in her search for Godric; Bill confronts his violent past; Sam follows Daphne into the wild.
A betrayed Sam finds himself in dire straits; Bill's attempt to rescue Sookie is thwarted by Lorena; Jason breaks a church taboo.
Sookie finds an unexpected savior in Eric; Sam makes a gruesome discovery; Jason pays off his vampire debts.
Eric plays Sookie for a sucker, to Bill's dismay; Hoyt and Jessica lunch with Maxine; Sam flies the coop.

Sam and Andy get a chilling reception at Merlotte's; Sookie tries to push through the darkness consuming Tara.

Bill seeks out a vampire queen to help quell Bon Temps' Maenad crisis; Sam turns to an unlikely source for help.
True Blood
(Season Two Finale). Sookie, Sam and Bill form the last line of defense against Maryann’s diabolical plan.
True Blood