Oliver -- Week Seven
In Treatment | Season 2 | Episode 33

Oliver -- Week Seven

TV-MA | 27 MIN

Bess and Luke find closure after a tough week. Paul tries to allay Oliver's fears.

Mia -- Week One
1.Mia -- Week One

A surprise subpoena brings Paul back into the life of a former patient and current malpractice lawyer named Mia.

April -- Week One
2.April -- Week One

Paul is alarmed to learn that his new patient April harbors a life-threatening secret she won't share with her parents.

Oliver -- Week One
3.Oliver -- Week One

A conflicted sixth grader named Oliver is brought to Paul by his parents Bess and Luke, who are getting a divorce.

April -- Week Three
12.April -- Week Three

April's memories of a childhood near-tragedy underscore her lifelong independence issues.