Laura -- Week Six
In Treatment | Season 1 | Episode 26

Laura -- Week Six

TV-MA | 23 MIN

Directed by: Paris Barclay
Teleplay by: Amy Lippman

Paul brushes his teeth and fusses with his hair while he waits for Laura to arrive. He wants to discuss creating a timeline to end her therapy, but she says there's no need. Today will be her last day. She doesn't think that all the digging through her past is worthwhile anyway. "What good does it do me today to know how much I suffered then? I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself," she says. She tells Paul that she saw David again after their encounter – in fact, she seduced him – and Paul doesn't approve. He's breaking the rules by judging her, but he's disgusted. Before leaving, Laura says she ended her relationship with Alex and then hugs Paul. "Every minute here is tearing me apart," she says.