Chapter 1
Eastbound & Down | Season 1 | Episode 1

Chapter 1

TV-MA | 30 MIN

Written by Ben Best, Jody Hill, and Danny McBride
Directed by Jody Hill

Back in Shelby County after washing out of major league baseball, Kenny is forced to take a job so the government can garnish his wages. His new gig as a substitute Phys Ed teacher, comes with a perk he hadn't expected - his old high school girlfriend, April... who teaches art and still looks smoking hot. She resists his advances (and introduces him to her fiance, Principal Cutler), but Kenny can tell she's still into him and warns Cutler he plans to "get back up in that."

Home life isn't going any better for Kenny. His sister-in-law is tired of his foul language and verbal abuse (and her damned kids won't stay off his jet ski). Some bro-time spent with Clegg, the coked-out bartender at Sha-BOOM's, helps ease Kenny's sorrows. But when Dustin later finds his brother belting frustrated pitches at the side of the house, he tells Kenny it's time to leave the past behind him - which the ballplayer hears as a mandate to focus fully on rebuilding his career. Inspired, Kenny sashays into school the next morning, hijacks the morning announcements and formally accepts a full-time position as the gym teacher... until the majors call him back up.