The Case of the Missing Screenplay
Bored to Death | Season 1 | Episode 3

The Case of the Missing Screenplay


Written by Jonathan Ames
Directed by Michael Lehmann

Jonathan is with George at George's club, the Print House, when they run into George's favorite ex-wife Priscilla and her husband, Richard Antrem, the new editor of GQ. They've just moved back to New York and it throws George for a loop to see the two of them together, since he and Antrem used to work together and are long-time rivals.

Later, George introduces Jonathan to filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, a fan of Jonathan's first novel, who is interested in having him rewrite a screenplay about the poet Frank O'Hara. A young woman, impressed that Jonathan knows Jarmusch, takes him home. When Jonathan realizes with great terror that she is in high school, he tries to extricate himself but her father Dr. Worth, the self-proclaimed Carl Jung of Brooklyn, busts in on them and Jonathan flees - before he can retrieve his personalized Jarmusch script which has fallen behind the psychiatrist's couch.

Desperate, Jonathan begs Ray to attend a therapy session with Dr. Worth in order to retrieve the script. Ray agrees, since Leah's been after him to go therapy (and Ray plans to barter therapy for sex). But when Ray ends up devastated by his fifty minutes he not only doesn't retrieve the script, he is too eviscerated to have sex with Leah later that night. Finally Jonathan visits Dr. Worth, who diagnoses him as a 21st century Oedipus before handing over the screenplay, saying he knows the real reason Jonathan's there. He ends the session and, once outside the professional boundary of his office, the good doctor gut punches Jonathan, warning him to stay away from his daughter. By the time Jonathan gets to Jarmusch, the filmmaker has enlisted Charlie Kaufman to do the revisions instead.