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The Newsroom

HBO Original Series Final Episodes, Sundays at 9 pm

What does the future hold for ACN?

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Foo Fighters Sonic Highways

New HBO Original Series, Fridays at 11 pm

Dave Grohl sits down with the co-founders of Seattle's Sub Pop Records, the renowned label that signed Nirvana.

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Game of Thrones

Experience The Sight

Follow the Three-Eyed Raven for a vision of the future.

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Making Game of Thrones

Go behind the scenes of Season 5 with staff writer Dave Hill.

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BAD: Terence Crawford vs. Ray Beltran and Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri Replay

HBO Boxing Event, Saturday at 10 pm

World titles are on the line when Terence Crawford fights Ray Beltran and Evgeny Gradovich faces Jayson Velez.

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Inside HBO Boxing

Get the latest news and expert analysis on the HBO Boxing blog.

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The Comeback

HBO Comedy Series, Sundays at 10 pm

Valerie learns that some of her 'Seeing Red' scenes may be cut and takes a Groundlings improv class.

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Seeing Red

Go inside the HBO miniseries event starring Valerie Cherish.

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Getting On

HBO Comedy Series, Sundays at 10:30 pm

Patsy and Dawn's relationship reaches its breaking point.

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Escape Plan

Movie Premiere, Saturday at 8 pm

A structural-security professional must escape from the worlds most secret and secure prison.

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State of Play: Culture Shock

HBO Sports Documentary Series, New Edition Tuesday at 10 pm

The NFL deals with increasing pressures to make the game safer.

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Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel

HBO Sports Series, New Edition Tuesday at 9 pm

One youth football team has more than winning games on its mind.

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Real Time with Bill Maher

HBO Original Series, Returns in January

Missing Maher? Bill fills in the gap between seasons on his blog.

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See Real Time Live

Join Bill's audience and see Real Time live in Los Angeles.

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New HBO Original Series, Premieres January 11

Four adults nearing 40, living under the same roof, struggle to keep their relationships and their individual dreams alive.

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HBO Original Series, Season 4 Premieres January 11

Get an in-depth look at the twists, turns and guest appearances in the upcoming season.

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HBO Original Series, Season 2 Premeries January 11

San Francisco boys Patrick, Agustín and Dom return.

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