By India Hill

What's Up With Delos? The Westworld Cast Weighs In

As the company that runs Westworld, Delos Destinations controls everything from the hosts’ simple gestures to guest safety to new narratives. After catching a few glimpses of the corporation, fans are clamoring to know more.


HBO talked to the cast at the red carpet premiere of Westworld, held at the TCL Chinese theater on September 28, to find out: What’s the deal with Delos?

It's an Intriguing Organization …

Ostensibly, Delos seems to be a smooth-running, sleek enterprise. Actor Leonardo Nam, who plays lab technician Lutz, described the company as “top notch and cutting-edge." Shannon Woodard, who plays Behavior tech Elsie, compared Delos to Disney World. “Westworld is a theme park; Delos is the company that runs the backstage,” she said.

… But a Difficult Workplace

When asked if they would want to work at the park, the cast response was unanimous: no. “I’d prefer to go there,” said actor Simon Quarterman, who portrays Westworld’s Narrative director Lee Sizemore. Executive Producer Jonah Nolan agreed: “Not a company I’d want to work for. Quite cutthroat. Competitive. Everyone is very aware of their own standing of things.”

Co-creator and executive producer Lisa Joy commented that working at Delos can be very hard on your personal life. “You have to work there for sometimes weeks on end, before rotating home,” she warned. Nolan concurred: “You got a lot of people working underground together. Not a recipe for good times.”

Ptolemy Slocum, aka lab tech Sylvester, describes Delos as a “really, really luxurious prison. It’s just a fantastic place to be incarcerated and trying to desperately save your job.”

Decide for Yourself

Sidse Babett Knudsen, who plays Theresa Cullen, the head of Quality Assurance was sworn to secrecy. “I can’t say much about Delos, because it will all be revealed, or will it?”

Find out for yourself. The Delos Security Panel website features employee email chains with subject headers like, “Potential Employee Misconduct," “New Revealing Research,” and “Inappropriate Displays of Frustration.” Tune in to find out more about Westworld and the elusive company that runs it, Sunday nights at 9.

Every episode of Westworld is available on HBO.