Prepare for the Future of Westworld Season 3

By Marissa Blanchard

Newcomer Aaron Paul joined executive producers Jonah Nolan and Lisa Joy and other cast members at a panel at San Diego Comic-Con to share some key facts about the new season.


“You never really die in Westworld,” joked Tessa Thompson, whose character Charlotte Hale, was “killed” in epic Westworld fashion in Season 2 — and then rebuilt in host form by Dolores (a full recap can be found here).

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, futurist Amy Webb moderated a panel including Westworld’s executive producers Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy and cast members Evan Rachel Wood (Dolores), Thandie Newton (Maeve), Jeffrey Wright (Bernard), Luke Hemsworth (Stubbs), Tessa Thompson (Charlotte Hale), and newcomer Aaron Paul (Caleb).

Writers Nolan and Joy keep their storylines close to the chest — even from the actors, as Thompson pointed out — but here are three things they’ve confirmed about Season 3:

Aaron Paul’s new character is very human.

Westworld is known for keeping audiences and actors on their toes, but the Breaking Bad star knew the chaos he was joining.

Paul explained what drew him to his character, Caleb, in addition to being a “psychotic fan” of the show: “I gravitate towards characters that make me feel deep-rooted and complex emotions. I’m not afraid to open my heart to the pain and love these characters are going through.”

Wood teased what will happen when Dolores meets Caleb stating, “She’s still full of surprises and pretty ruthless, but her interactions with Aaron’s character make her challenge her ideas about humanity.”

Fan-favorite characters are returning.

At the end of Season 2, several characters fates were in question — one being the fearless and fierce Maeve. Fans cheered during the trailer when Thandie Newton’s face appeared in a new landscape.

Newton’s character is making more important decisions for herself this season. “She’s learned so much and managed to find her free will and sacrifice it,” she offered. “She is treated like she has no value, yet she’s an extremely expensive piece of hardware. I’m loving what that gives her in terms of the choices she makes about her value — I’m loving that agency.”

Hemsworth surprised fans by joining the panel and revealing he’ll be back for Season 3 — but remained tight-lipped about what’s in store for Stubbs. “I can’t leave the house without a Hemsworth,” joked Thompson.

The new trailer also revealed the return of Ed Harris as the Man in Black; Nolan told the audience he could never imagine having to tell Harris he was “fired.”

This season is leaving the park.

While the official setting has yet to be revealed, it was made clear Season 3 takes place in the near future. Joy expressed the action and violence in the show is reflective of the violence in the world today. “We are putting a lens on that violence and really examining it,” she explained, “Which might make people uncomfortable, but it should be.”

Thompson noted that her character gives her hope for the future: “What does power look like in the future? Here, it can be a young woman of color.”

Nolan shared that although the show is heightened, “it’s based on what we are seeing in the real world. Dystopias can look beautiful; just because the world is ugly on the inside doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful on the outside.”

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