Westworld Host Portraits by Artist Berkay Da?lar

Illustrator and graphic designer Berkay Da?lar of Turkey has a knack for recreating the faces of the park with a personality as distinct as each host's budding consciousness.

Westworld, always encouraging its viewers to look deeper into the layers of Dr. Robert Ford's creations, has sparked fans to draw up creations of their own ? in this case, quite literally. Artist Berkay Da?lar is one of them. Designing nuanced "reveries," Da?lar reimagines the journeys of Dolores, Maeve, Bernard and other players of the park by way of his own unique style. Check out his work every day leading up to the Season 2 premiere. Interested in sharing your own Westworld-inspired creations with the real world? Submit your work to @WestworldHBO on Twitter.


Meet the Artist Behind the Portraits

Illustrator Berkay Da?lar discusses why the show inspired his latest series ? and what he?s looking forward to about Season 2.

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