Vanishing Point
Westworld | Season 2 | Episode 9

Vanishing Point

TV-MA | 1 HR 4 MIN

Written by Roberto Patino
Directed by Stephen Williams

The Man in Black wakes and notices his daughter Emily brought him to a rally point to call for help. Emily says she knows why he's still in the park after all these years: He's punishing himself for the death of Juliet, his wife and Emily's mother. Emily guiltily recalls a gift her mother gave her: an engraved music box. Emily threw it away, angry that if her mother wasn't a drunk, she would know she hadn't danced in years.

On their way to the Valley Beyond, Dolores Abernathy and Teddy Flood encounter Ghost Nation warriors. They address Dolores as Deathbringer and tell her, "Your journey ends here." Dolores explains the Valley Beyond was built for the people who created the park to ensure their immortality, but she plans to use it against them. Dolores' horde and the Ghost Nation break out into violence, the battle Antoine Costa played on his tablet in "Journey Into Night" coming to life. As she prepares to shoot a surviving warrior, Dolores says: "I told you, friend. Not all of us deserve to make it to the Valley Beyond."

In the Mesa, tech Roland tells Charlotte Hale he took some of Maeve Millay's code and implemented it into Clementine Pennyfeather's system. This update will enable her to spread a virus to other hosts. Clementine places a hand on the glass wall of the lab. Hosts inside brutally attack each other. Hale orders Roland to contact Ashley Stubbs and organize a team to take Clementine to the Valley Beyond — they no longer need Maeve.

Bernard Lowe finds Elsie Hughes. He informs her Delos is capturing guests' data and replicating their cognition; a facility called the Forge holds all the data on a giant server — and they have to reach the Forge before the hosts do.

Back in the lab, Roland prepares to terminate Maeve when Ford appears in front of her and reveals, out of all the hosts he made, she's his "favorite." He encourages Maeve to continue her journey and unlocks her core directives.

Emily theorizes the Man in Black started Delos' secret project to seek immortality. The Man in Black grows more skeptical of Emily when she says she "wants in" on the project, though she questions the functionality of replicating a human without a complete copy of their cognition. The Man in Black reveals that scanners were built into the guests' hats so that their minds could be imaged in real time.

In flashback, the Man in Black remembers Juliet the night she died, growing increasingly drunk at a gala thrown by Delos to honor the achievements of The Man in Black. Escaping the party, he heads for the bar and runs into Ford. The Man in Black reminds Ford of their agreement: "Delos stays out of your stories, you stay out of the Valley." Ford slides a memory card across to the Man in Black, who tells Ford he's over his games. He leaves to take Juliet home. To himself, Fords says: "I think perhaps one final game."

The Man in Black arrives home with Juliet, who grows angry with her husband. Emily sees her mother acting belligerent and tells her she needs to go back to rehab. The Man in Black leads Juliet upstairs. Before falling asleep, she asks: "Is this real? Are you real? Did you ever love me? Tell me one true thing." The Man in Black takes the memory card Ford gave him and hides it in a book. Emily sits with her father and tells him she's arranged for her mother to be put into involuntary care. The Man in Black notices water dripping from the ceiling. He runs upstairs and finds Juliet, dead, in an overflowing bathtub.

The Man in Black thinks Emily is a host controlled by Ford. "Nothing is stopping me from getting to the end," he says. Emily says she blamed herself for her mother's death, but now she blames her father. Juliet left his personality profile for her so Emily would know everything he's done in the park, and exactly what kind of person he is. Finally responding to Emily's distress call, QA arrives. The Man in Black takes out the entire group. Emily cowers horrified that he's finally crossed the rubicon and killed real people, telling him that this isn't a game: She can prove it. As she reaches behind her back, the Man in Black shoots her dead and says: "F*ck you, Ford." He asserts Ford was the only one with access to his profile, but soon realizes Emily was reaching for the memory card Ford gave him. The Man in Black holds a gun to his head — fully questioning the nature of his reality. He slices open his forearm and searches for signs of humanity.

In a flashback to that same fateful night, the Man in Black speaks to a seemingly asleep Juliet. He says he built a wall to protect his family from the darkness inside him. He admits everything Juliet believes about him is true: "I don't belong to you or this world. I belong to another." He leaves the room as Juliet opens her eyes: She heard everything. She finds the memory card and pairs it to a tablet and sees the truth about her husband play out before her, as well as a personality analysis: "undiagnosed clinical sociopathic tendencies." She places the memory card in Emily's music box — she saved it after all those years — and walks into the bathroom to end her own life.

As Dolores and Teddy continue their journey to the Valley Beyond, Teddy grapples with his new character adjustments. He tells Dolores that no matter how much she changes him, he will always love her because she is his cornerstone. Teddy remembers the first time he saw Dolores after Bernard brought him online for the very first time. Teddy's anger over her betrayal grows as he removes his gun from its holster. Teddy says he will protect her until the day he dies, but he can't protect her anymore. He shoots himself.