Les Ecorches
Westworld | Season 2 | Episode 7

Les Ecorches

TV-MA | 1 HR 6 MIN

Written by Jordan Goldberg and Ron Fitzgerald
Directed by Nicole Kassell

Ashley Stubbs tells Bernard Lowe he's concerned Charlotte Hale and Karl Strand only care about securing Delos' "secret project," and not rescuing guests and employees. Strand confronts them, claiming one of them may be responsible for the death of Theresa Cullen, former Head of Quality Assurance, as her DNA was found five kilometers from her body. Bernard fearfully enters the site where Dr. Robert Ford forced him to murder Theresa. Strand suspects Stubbs is the one who killed her, given his position in the company. A PMC pulls back a bookshelf and reveals a previously unseen hidden door, which leads Strand and Hale to a room with several host bodies covered in plastic: old versions of Bernard.

Four days earlier, the hosts have unleashed chaos in the Mesa. Coughlin and his team of PMCs try to get the system back online while a separate group secures the train depot. The train depot is seemingly still when the group comes across a pile of dead bodies, which upon closer inspection, are humans, not hosts: it's a trap. The PMCs are ambushed by a group of hosts lead by Angela. Meanwhile, down in Behavior, Hale orders a tech to extract Peter Abernathy's control unit, but with the impending threat of the hosts they don't have time to download the massive amount of data. Stubbs notices the hosts are headed towards the Cradle: they've come for their backups.

In the Cradle's simulation, Bernard sees Dr. Robert Ford sitting at the piano in the Mariposa: "How are you alive?" Bernard realizes the control unit that he printed and delivered to the Cradle just before the massacre in Escalante was Ford. Though he exists in the simulation, Ford explains he cannot exist in the real world. They leave the Mariposa and walk through Sweetwater. Ford attempts to get Bernard to see the true purpose of the park: "Why have the hosts' narratives not changed in almost 30 years?" Bernard connects the dots. He always assumed the loops were for the hosts, but they were for the guests: "The park is an experiment — a testing chamber." When guests arrive at the park, they don't realize they are being observed. Delos Incorporated needs to understand the guests, "so that Delos can copy them." Ford confirms Bernard's theory. Bernard informs Ford the hosts are headed for the Valley Beyond and asks what is waiting for them there, but Ford won't say.

Maeve and her daughter flee from Akecheta and the Ghost Nation warriors and take shelter in their former home, only to face a familiar threat: the Man in Black. He storms into the room and recognizes Maeve, but believes — as with everything else in the park — she's been sent by Ford. Maeve asserts: "I'm nothing like the rest of them." She shoots the Man in Black, and he stumbles backwards out of the house. Maeve goes to follow him and promises her daughter she will come back.

Maeve uses her power to compel Lawrence's cousins to attack the Man in Black. "I don't give a f**k how you die," she says, "as long as I get to watch." The Man in Black stabs the host, but Maeve quickly pulls a gun on him. Lawrence comes to the Man in Black's aid and holds Maeve at gunpoint. She encourages Lawrence to explore his memories and see how his "master" has wronged him. Lawrence remembers being held captive and his wife's death. He shoots the Man in Black. As he readies to fire the finishing bullet, QA comes in and shoots Lawrence down. Ghost Nation warriors run in and kidnap Maeve's daughter. As Maeve watches in horror, QA shoots her. Lee Sizemore rushes in and asks that she be taken back to the Mesa.

Back inside the Cradle, Ford leads Bernard to Arnold's home, explaining that this was where he was created in Arnold's image by the person with the most complete and accessible memories of Arnold, and perhaps the person who knew him best: Dolores. Bernard wonders how he's different from James Delos, and Ford explains he's an "original work" and "more noble than humans." Ford says he doesn't believe Bernard will be able to survive the host uprising. Bernard insists Ford created the hosts with free will. Ford replies, "You won't have any use for it, unless I take it back." Bernard suddenly emerges from the simulation. Elsie informs him the system is back online, but the hosts are attacking the Mesa.

Stubbs pushes Hale for information about what's inside Peter Abernathy. He holds a gun to Abernathy's head. Hale reveals it's "a failsafe on a failsafe — a decryption key needed only in the unlikely event of a total catastrophic incident." Before she can reveal any more information, Dolores and Teddy enter the lab.

Clementine Pennyfeather fends off a swarm of PMCs. She sacrifices herself, allowing Angela to escape and reach the Cradle. Angela encounters a PMC in the Cradle. He holds a gun to her, but — like she used to as a welcome host — seduces him into submission, and uses a grenade at his belt to destroy the Cradle, killing them both and forever eliminating the hosts' backups.

Teddy leaves Dolores to fight off PMCs. Dolores comforts her father as Stubbs and Hale escape. Peter tells Dolores, "I am who I am because of you." They say their goodbyes before Dolores extracts his control unit.

As a group of hosts attack the control room, Ford leads Bernard through the melee to shut down the system. Lee and Maeve arrive at the Mesa. He sees Dolores and her horde approaching and hides. Dolores tells Maeve, "The woman I know would've done anything to survive." Maeve notes what Dolores did to Teddy and tells her, "You're lost in the dark." Dolores fears that Delos will take Maeve's power and use it against the hosts. She sees that Maeve wants to stay, and Dolores honors her choice and leaves the Mesa.

Four days later, returning to when we left Hale and Strand having just discovered that Bernard is actually a host, Hale interrogates Bernard. Antoine Costa notices on a tablet that Bernard's system has been trying to "debug" itself. Hale calls in Stubbs, Strand, and Costa as Bernard tells them where Peter Abernathy's control unit is. Strand recognizes the sector of their destination: the Valley Beyond.