Writer Carly Wray Explains Episode 6’s Turning Points

By Allie Waxman


Carly Wray is no stranger to intense action and thought-provoking dialogue. Having penned Season 2, Episode 2, “Reunion” alongside showrunner Jonah Nolan, she also tackled this week’s “Phase Space.” The accomplished writer discusses the hour’s pivotal moments and the impact they have on the season as a whole.

Maeve’s Heartbreak
One of the most heart-wrenching moments of “Phase Space” is when Maeve finds her daughter and realizes there is a new mother cast in Maeve’s previous role. Wray was moved by actor Thandie Newton’s powerful performance. “There’s something so simple and beautiful in the look on her face when she sees her daughter within arm’s reach again,” Wray notes. “Maeve has the highest sense of awareness of all of the hosts around her, so she can’t fault this new woman’s attachment to this little girl.” Maeve knows that bond, although programmed, is real. Comparing Maeve and her daughter to the Man in Black and Emily, Wray infers that “the emotional ties between the hosts seem to be stronger and clearer and less conflicted than the ones between the humans.”


The Man in Black’s Humanity
“My favorite thing that I wrote for the whole season is the conversation between the Man in Black and his daughter,” explains Wray. “When we were first rehearsing it, [actor] Ed [Harris, who plays the Man in Black] said his approach to the scene was that in the moment when the Man in Black tells Emily he’s going to go with her, he believes it. He wants to be the guy that’s going to go with her.”


Teddy’s Reckoning
Dolores makes a choice in Episode 5 to reprogram Teddy, essentially treating him as the host he is, despite fighting for host liberation. “She wants to embrace her own awakening,” Wray explains, “but she’s still willing to treat the other hosts around her as a means to an end.” In Episode 6, Teddy realizes what Dolores did and begins to fight against his new programming. Wray embodies this reckoning in one line, where Teddy says, “I never thought I’d want to leave this place, but I guess you changed that, too.” Wray explains that, “moving forward there are some really interesting moments for Teddy where he’ll get to decide for himself whether or not he wants Dolores’ changes to stand.”


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