Virtù e Fortuna

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There is beauty in who we are. Shouldn't we, too, try to survive? Get a peek at what Season 2, Episode 3 has in store for the hosts and humans fighting for what they believe is theirs.

“Virtù e Fortuna” Synopsis

Welcome to a new world. Dolores makes her next move as Charlotte scrambles to protect Delos' prized asset. Bernard closes in on the truth as Maeve searches for her daughter.


A new world comes into focus, a battle at Fort Forlorn Hope and broken Peter Abernathy were at the center of the third episode, which was full of surprises.

Creating Fort Forlorn Hope

Call her Wyatt. Evan Rachel Wood, Lisa Joy and more discuss Dolores’ rise to power in “Virtù e Fortuna.”

Inside Westworld With Richard J. Lewis

We met up with the executive producer and director on set of Season 2. Here’s what he had to say.

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