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Westworld Episode 12
“Reunion” Synopsis

Why don't we start at the beginning? Delores remembers she's been to the outside world, William makes a bold business venture and Maeve begins her quest for her daughter.

Westworld Episode 12

Dolores steps outside Westworld, a cameo by Giancarlo Esposito and a glimpse at how James Delos himself were the focus of the second episode — and there’s plenty to unpack.

Giancarlo Esposito on His Surprise Cameo: ‘I Couldn’t Say No.’

The Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor talks about his unexpected appearance in Westworld and offered the Man in Black some unsolicited advice.

Creating An Evocative Location

“With a character like Delos, you learn as much about them from the environments they choose, as you do from the character themselves.” Go behind the scenes of the world outside Westworld.

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